Oct 7, 2015

EPIC Response to Treating Abortion Like Gun Control (3 Pics)

By on Wednesday, October 07, 2015

President Obama said he wanted to do what he could to save even one child during the gun control debate. He has a change of heart when it comes to abortion.
There’s a Facebook meme going around by ‘The Other 98%’ that wants to treat gun control like abortion.
Of course, the meme creator seems to think only men buy firearms and they clearly don’t get that like gun control laws, abortion laws vary from state to state.

Here’s the meme and below is the response:
 Another Facebook user had an epic response:
I like this idea. Let’s treat guns like abortions. We’ll start with $500 million per year in federal funding for the NRA. When there’s an incident involving guns on the news, we’ll have the President of the United States thank the NRA for their invaluable work in promoting gun safety.
We’ll have special buffer zones around gun stores to protect gun buyers from being harassed by anti-gun protesters. We’ll have the ACLU fighting for 2nd Amendment rights as hard as they fight for abortion rights, including trying to make it legal for 14-year-olds to buy guns without their parents’ permission.
We’ll have a federally mandated program that provides guns for people who can’t afford them. And of course we’ll have a cheerleader media that talks endlessly about how buying a gun is a personal choice that isn’t anyone’s business but the gun buyer’s and the gun seller’s.
Yes, by all means, let’s treat guns like abortions.


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