Oct 13, 2015

California Just Made It Possible For Illegals To Vote

By on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

 California Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown passed the New Motor Voter Act, a bill that made it possible for illegal immigrants to vote in future elections.
The bill automatically registers voters through the DMV, and since illegal immigrants are now eligible to obtain a license, they could wind up being able to vote if the state were to fail to properly verify their eligibility.

Breitbart contributor William Bigelow opined that California Democrats “know exactly what they are doing,” in that they purposefully set things up like this because they know that most illegal immigrants lean toward the Democratic Party.
True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht echoed Bigelow’s sentiment, saying that passage of this bill “makes an already bad situation much, much worse,” especially given that the state’s outdated registration databases already “lack the necessary safeguards to keep non-citizens off the voter rolls.”
Not surprisingly, Democrats see things differently.
Take California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, a Democrat, who said in a statement that the new bill “will make our democracy stronger by removing a key barrier to voting for millions of California citizens.”

What barrier!? Every legal citizen in the state of California already had the right to vote courtesy the United States Constitution. All this bill did, in fact, was surreptitiously hand illegal immigrants the same right, assuming the state fails — which of course it will — to properly vet voters come election day.
Keep in mind that California already hosts some of the most lenient voter-ID laws in the country.
Congrats, “Moonbeam,” for selling out your constituents yet again!


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