Oct 9, 2015

Black Students Not Being Punished Due to ‘White Privilege’

By on Friday, October 09, 2015

At a school district in Wisconsin something radically outrageous is happening and it’s going unchecked.
Black students are not being punished for bad behavior or even violent behavior due to the school implementing a program that claims the public education system is built around ‘white privilege.’
The claim from this insane consulting group called Pacific Educational Group is that working hard and planning are not normal to the black culture.
In order to make up for this, black students must be treated differently and therefore not punished due to the ‘white privilege’ in the school system.

Apparently black students are more like Marxists, according to these crackpots.
From EAGNews:
But the complaints from parents last spring have apparently not been taken seriously by school district officials.
That recently became obvious when a fight between several black students that started at the high school turned into a community disturbance involving hundreds of people, including many adults, when the children got off the school bus at the end of the day, according to news reports.
The fighting apparently spilled over to a second day, with a girl who tried to break up the original fight was suddenly targeted for violence, The Verona Press reported.
While student fights occasionally occur, and the school district can’t be responsible for the behavior of adults, the school’s response to the situation has caught the attention of many critics.
Instead of responding to the incident with appropriate disciplinary measures, the district has reportedly decided to have a “restorative circle” with the three girls originally involved in the violence, according to a parent who has contacts in the district but declined to be identified.
The restorative circle was allegedly be led by Everett Mitchell, the director of public relations at the nearby University of Wisconsin’s Madison campus, according to the Press. Mitchell gained recent notoriety for suggesting that police should not arrest youngsters for shoplifting, particularly from “big box” stores like Wal-Mart.
“I just don’t think that they should be prosecuting cases or [unintelligible] up cases for people who steal from Wal-Mart,” Mitchell was quoted as saying at a local forum.
So black students are wreaking havoc, upsetting class rooms and actually committing acts of violence and they aren’t being disciplined because of some faux ‘white privilege’ crap brought to you by radical Marxists who want to continue destroying the country.

How insulting is it to the entire black community that these people claim hard work and planning aren’t the cultural norm for blacks?
How insulting for the rest of the community that they are forced to put up with delinquent behavior due to a student’s race.
It’s time the parents in this school district oust the entire school board and demand the superintendent be removed.
Who really has the ‘privilege?’


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