Oct 30, 2015

Ben Carson Meme DESTROYS Political Correctness

By on Friday, October 30, 2015

The Blaze reports that Franklin Graham agrees with Trump and Carson that political correctness is destroying freedom of speech:
Evangelist Franklin Graham railed against political correctness this week, writing in a post on his Facebook page that Americans “need truth” and that society had better start being “concerned about being spiritually correct.”

Graham implored fans to embrace the spiritual values that he believes truly matter, publishing his comments after the latest GOP debate.
“I agree with Donald J. Trump and Dr. Ben Carson on this issue — political correctness is not what we need. We need truth,” Graham wrote. “Many Americans, and I am one of them, are fed up with political correctness. Our society had better stop being so concerned about being politically correct and start being concerned about being spiritually correct!”
Graham also said that citizens and the country, alike, need to turn their “hearts to almighty God.”
“We need to understand that God’s laws and his standards never change, and he will hold us accountable. But God is also willing and eager to forgive us, if we repent and trust in His Son Jesus Christ,” he continued. “The Bible says, ‘For You, Lord, are good, and ready to forgive, and abundant in mercy to all those who call upon You’ (Psalm 86:5).”

No stranger to publicly critiquing politicians and speaking openly against what he believes to be sin, Graham recently told TheBlaze’s The Church Boys podcast that both he and his father, famed preacher Billy Graham, are most concerned about the “moral decline” that they see in American culture, accusing the Obama administration of “celebrating sin.” 


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