Oct 12, 2015

Ben Carson Just Perfectly Summed Up Racism In America [WATCH]

By on Monday, October 12, 2015

Speaking with conservative radio-show host Dennis Prager earlier this week, 2016 GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson perfectly explained the nature of contemporary racism in America.
“I’m not sure I agree that there isn’t a fair amount of racism here,” Carson began in response to Prager asserting that the United States is the least racist country in the world. “There is, but it’s not where you would expect it to be.”
“It’s mostly with the progressive movement, who will look at someone like me, and because of the color of my pigment, they decide that there’s a certain way that I’m supposed to think. And if I don’t think that way, I’m an Uncle Tom, and they heap all kinds of hatred on you. That, to me, is racism.”

Exactly! The bulk of contemporary racism exists on the Left, where radical progressive zealots hypocritically castigate any minority who dares step off the Democratic plantation as a “coon,” “race traitor” or “Uncle Tom.”

Furthermore, progressives subscribe to the “bigotry of lowered expectations,” described by Tea Party star Lloyd Marcus as the innately racist belief that “blacks cannot achieve [success] without big government intervention,” i.e., “lowered standards and entitlements [designed] to make things fair.”
Conservative commentator Derryck Green explained this concept further in the following video from Prager University (no relation to Dennis Prager):

Why though do liberals encourage dependency and lambaste those black men and women who have the courage to stand up to them?

Cue Townhall contributor Derek Hunter:
Democrats will continue to exude racism publicly, and proudly, in the hope that it scares the hell out of voters, particularly minority voters, and keeps them from realizing their lives depend more on who they are and what they do than on any politician or party. Democrats will continue to convince people that even though their lives haven’t improved after decades of loyally voting for Democrats and their ever-increasing government programs, the alternative is worse, so don’t try it.
It’s divisive, cynical, cruel, un-American and racist. It’s also the path to, the reason for, and the basis of Democrats’ power. As long as it works, they’ll never stop doing it.
Yep, which is why racism in America — a staple of the Left — will likely continue in perpetuity, the first black president notwithstanding …


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