Oct 29, 2015

Amazing air raid shelter in Germany (19 Pics)

By on Thursday, October 29, 2015

The entrance to this amazing shelter looks like your typical shelter. It has a heavy steal door and for protection and this one even includes a platform to lower stuff down into the shelter.

If you're lucky enough to get past the heavy duty steel vault doors, you'll come into the security center. The whole facility is able to be monitored from this room. It has radio connections to the outside world as well.

For the possibility of extended stays inside the shelter, it even has a seed room where you can grow vegetables and other plants. High powered grow lights hung from the ceiling provide the source of heat and light for the plants.

This is the air filtration system that allows for stale air to be pumped out and for fresh air to be brought in to supply the whole shelter. If this thing goes out then you're pretty much screwed

This is a wall of air filters inside the bunker. This also help control the quality of the air throughout the air raid shelter.

The power system and water storage for the entire shelter.


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