Oct 29, 2015

Absolutely BRUTAL Cartoon Reveals TRUTH About Today’s Democrat Party

By on Thursday, October 29, 2015

Breitbart reports that years of left-wing indoctrination has prepared the American people for socialism and Bernie Sanders:
Over the weekend I watched a rerun of Bill O’Reilly’s show, in which he asked Geraldo Rivera and Eric Bolling what made some people open to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and socialism.
I was sitting in my living room wishing that I were sitting on the panel. Both Bolling and Rivera had part of the answer, but then O’Reilly gave a more definitive answer. He said, “Education,” adding that those who are 40 and younger have no historical reference and, for the most part, were not educated in what America is founded on.

Well, I contend that it is not just “education.” It is purposeful, subversive indoctrination, and it has slowly been done since the Communists infiltrated our government, unions, educational system, entertainment industry, and media throughout the 1930-50s. This movement was more widespread and insidious than any had previously understood, and it has been incrementally injected into education and culture. This is why we have a nation today where a radical socialist like Bernie Sanders is a serious candidate for President.
There are many issues facing our country that can be fixed with the right leadership, but we must all do our part in engaging with those who have been led like sheep. I watched Bernie Sanders on a talk show recently, and while the Bern was demonizing business and preaching the need for wealth redistribution, the host didn’t challenge the great giveaway in the least – not a word, not the slightest challenge to Bernie’s ideas, just silent compliance. Why?
Also, why doesn’t anyone challenge Bernie to start with Hollywood in his wealth redistribution? Bernie says that corporate greed hoards wealth from the rest of us. Well, the entertainment industry is full of corporations with movie stars and musicians and celeb producers and directors at the top of them.

Why don’t the stars who command $20 million for a film give away, say, $5 million from their salaries and redistribute it among the other cast and crew? This hypocrisy goes on throughout the entertainment industry.
There is more greed, waste, and clueless irrational out-of-touch behavior in Hollywood than anywhere else. They are the modern day commissars on the front lines leading the nation toward ruin. The bleeding heart liberal has been replaced with the pervasive progressive. 


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