Oct 8, 2015

Abortion vs Gun Industry; Who Actually Spends Money Promoting Death? (4 Pics)

By on Thursday, October 08, 2015

 As usual with memes created by left wing lunatics pushing gun control, they lie. The latest meme below is what is being shared but of course it’s absolute crap.
 So here are the facts and then I’ll add a little twist by pointing out how much their beloved abortion industry spends to promote ACTUAL death every year.

None of the gun deaths are something that gun lobbyists or the NRA support. They support the 2nd Amendment for law-abiding citizens. The 2nd Amendment happens to be an actual RIGHT.
Abortion is not a right. Planned Parenthood’s industry and abortion lobbyists not only supports actual death but once they end the life of a future child they then harvest its human baby body parts for sale on top of it.
The NRA and others in the gun industry support saving the lives of living children. Planned Parenthood supports ending the lives of future children.
Now to the facts.
First, no one spent money ‘last year’ for elections. Election cycles are every 2 years. No one spent multiple millions of dollars last year on any elections and note during the 2012, a Presidential election cycle year, the abortion industry spend more than the gun industry to actual promote death.
Here are the comparative donations over the past several years Donations to Democrats almost $25,000,000 from 1990 – 2016
 Donations for gun rights $31,000,000 from 1990 – 2016
Since the meme uses gun deaths from the CDC from 2012, we’ll go with that number for the base.
It is difficult to get exact numbers on how many abortions are performed every year but it’s estimated that between 720,000 to over 1,200,000 were performed in 2012, Planned Parenthood performed 333, 964 of them.
33, 353 gun deaths in the United States in 2012 according to the CDC. The majority of those deaths were suicide. According to the FBI 8,855 were homicide and others are accidental.
The abortion industry actually spends millions of dollars and ends the lives of hundreds of thousands of future children INTENTIONALLY.

The gun industry spends millions of dollars to protect the rights of people to save the lives of their living children.
Who again has blood money on their hands? Since Democrats get the majority of money from the abortion industry, it’s pretty clear.
No one in the gun industry promotes death but everyone in the abortion industry does.


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