Oct 13, 2015

20 Reasons Why It’s Reasonable to Doubt Obama is a Christian

By on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Astute Blogger gives 20 reasons why some may doubt whether Obama is a Christian, and may suspect Obama sides with Islamists over the best interests of the USA, and why he continues to alienate our allies.
1 – His father was a Muslim, and he titled his memoir “Dreams from my father’.
2 – His Indonesian step-father was a Muslim.
3 – His step-father sent Barack to a madrassah for his primary education.
4 – His roommates in college were Muslims.
5 – The first country he ever visited was not Indonesia where he spent his childhood, or Kenya where his supposed biological father was from, and not a country in Europe such as Netherlands where he might indulge in pot-smoking (his favorite activity in high school), but Pakistan a muslim nation.

6 – He didn’t become a Christian until after moving to Chicago, and then converted in a church whose pastor was anti-zionist black liberationist Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Despite being a member of this church for decades, Obama was forced to deny he had ever listened to any of Wright’s controversial sermons, one of which famously said that the USA deserved 9/11.
7 – His first major foreign policy speech was delivered in Cairo, and he demanded long-time ally Mubarak allow members of the Muslim Brotherhood to attend.
8 – Obama helped the Muslim Brotherhood take over Egypt, and still hasn’t restored full aid to the anti-Islamist al Sissi regime.
9 – He overthrew Kadafi – who was an ally in the war against radical Islam at the time – and basically handed Libya to the Islamists.
10 – He drew a line in the sand regarding Assad’s use of WMD, and then promptly forgot it – sending a message that he would not intervene at all and would let the Islamists and the Iranians have their way.
11 – He ignored advice from his Sec Def Panetta and the JCOS and withdrew all USA troops from Iraq creating the vacuum for ISIS.
12 – He attacked Israel for building apartments in Jerusalem.
13 – He refused to re-arm the IDF during the last Gaza war against Hamas.
14 – He refused to meet with Israeli PM on his most recent visit to the USA.
15 – He broke every promise he made regarding non-negotiable points in his Iran deal such as 24/7 inspections and enrichment, and is giving them $150 billion over the objections of our best ally in the region – for a deal which has already started a nuclear arms race in the middle east.

16 – He gave the enemy 5 top commanders to get Berghdal, a deserter.
18 – His Iran deal leaves 4 USA hostages in Iranian prisons.
19 – He called the Muslim call to prayer the most beautiful sound on earth, and can recite it in Arabic.
20 – He invited Ahmed the clockmeister to the White House, but not the family of Kate Steinle or the families of those murdered by Islamists in Benghazi, an attack he lied about, and continues to lie about.


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