Sep 21, 2015

You Won’t Believe What Arby’s is STILL Doing for Employee Who Refused To Serve Cop

By on Monday, September 21, 2015

Earlier this month, Arby’s employee Kenneth Davenport and his manager, Angel Mirabal, allegedly refused to serve a police officer because she was a cop.
The manager was fired because he was the one who rudely told the police officer that his employee didn’t want to serve her because she’s a cop.
However, it turns out the employee who didn’t want to serve the officer was only suspended… and he’s still getting paid.
The Arby’s employee who was suspended more than two weeks ago for allegedly refusing to serve a police officer is still getting a paycheck from the company, two weeks after the incident.
A spokesman for Arby’s told The Daily Caller News Foundation that the company and the employee, Kenneth Davenport, 19, mutually agreed that the he would go on temporary paid leave.
“That’s where things stand at this point,” Jason Rollins, an Arby’s spokesman, told TheDCNF.

The entire scandal started when a Florida police department publicly complained saying one of their female officers was refused service at an Arby’s, simply because she was a cop.
The officer, Jennifer Martin, said she was refused service by Davenport at the Arby’s and when she asked the manager why, he said it was because she was a cop.
The Pembroke Pines police chief demanded an apology and caused a public relations nightmare for the company. Arby’s fired the manager of the store and suspended the employee involved, but Rollins told TheDCNF Davenport is still getting paid.
The employees have since said the entire incident was a misunderstood joke and that he was just too busy to serve her.
He has since said he doesn’t hate police. Arby’s gave the officer a refund and has apologized. Arby’s offered free food to police officers in two Florida counties as a way to save face after the incident, but local news could only find one officer who took the offer.

An employee who refused to serve a woman simply for her profession of protecting the community received a paid vacation.
It’s one thing if a company simply hired a bad nut and fixed its mistake once it realized it had made one. It’s a completely different thing if a company stands by its employee who did something disgraceful and then pays him to take a vacation.
This specific location the incident took place at could have at least done damage control for the sake of the entire franchise.
But they instead are choosing to dig their own grave.


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