Sep 27, 2015

This Woman’s Bernie Sanders Bumper Sticker Was Stolen; Her Reaction Is PRICELESS

By on Sunday, September 27, 2015

Last week, new polls showed that Bernie Sanders’s campaign for the Democratic primaries reached new heights. The self-described democratic socialist now boasts a 10-point advantage over Hillary Clinton in Iowa and an astounding 22-point lead in New Hampshire. Despite these impressive results, an overwhelming majority of political commentators continues to dismiss his campaign as nothing more than a bump on Hillary Clinton’s road to the democratic nomination.
They couldn’t be more wrong.

Not only is Sanders’s surge durable, but he actually has a serious chance of winning the democratic ticket. The reason so many analysts fail to make that assessment is because they view him through the lens of establishment politics.
Hillary, with her brand-name, consensual stances on the issues, overwhelming support of the Democratic Party, and unrivaled ability to raise enormous amounts of cash, appears unbeatable. But Sanders’s campaign cannot be understood according to the usual parameters of U.S. presidential elections. His campaign is far too revolutionary. …
And the nature of Sanders’s policy proposals is breathing life into a disillusioned political generation. Those who rally around him believe his election would truly mark a break with politics-as-usual and would tangibly improve their lives. Once they join his campaign, then, they are ready to invest a lot more time, energy and money on the campaign that those who join Clinton’s. …
As Sanders gains increased visibility through an army of volunteers canvassing the streets and the upcoming democratic debates, and as his proposals — notably his expansive take on racial justice — become known to the public, catching up with Clinton nationally is fast becoming a realistic prospect.

Bernie Sanders has called his campaign a “political revolution.” The strength of his populist message, the resounding popularity of his proposals, and the staggering success of his grassroots organizing suggest that, in fact, a revolution is underway.


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