Sep 7, 2015

This Comic Perfectly Explains Why Anxiety & Depression Are So Difficult To Fight (16 Pics)

By on Monday, September 07, 2015

Anxiety and depression are two mental health disorders that many of us simply don’t get. Nick Seluk, the artist behind the popular Awkward Yeti webcomic, partnered with Sarah Flanigan, a reader who submitted her story to him, to explain how dealing with these disorders is a daily struggle.
We all experience anxiety and depression at one point or another, but some of us experience these feelings chronically. It can be difficult for those who don’t suffer from these chronic disorders to understand those who do, so they can sometimes say some fairly insensitive things; “Why don’t you just get over it?” or “What happened? You were so energetic yesterday.”
We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments, especially if you suffer from these disorders – do you think they’ve accurately described what it’s like?
Seluk’s comic is part of a fascinating series of his called ‘Medical Stories Retold,’ which illustrates medical stories submitted to him by his readers.


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