Sep 1, 2015

There’s No Such thing As Gun Control; Here’s Proof

By on Tuesday, September 01, 2015

JPFO reports on why there is no such thing as reasonable gun control:
Gun prohibitionists want to eliminate all handguns from civilian ownership. Most of them, like Rosie O’Donnell, would ban all civilian ownership of firearms entirely. They care nothing about the suffering of the victims of “gun control.” Their “gun control” strategy is to win a little at a time and concede nothing.
All “gun control” laws aim in one direction: to discourage private ownership and use of firearms. All “gun control” laws make owning and using guns more
difficult or inconvenient,
embarrassing, and
subject to legal liability.

Every “gun control” law achieves one or more of these purposes. The “gun control” agenda wins with each new so-called reasonable restriction. When cost, inconvenience, embarrassment or potential liability increase, then fewer people take an interest in firearms. Those who already have firearms are discouraged from keeping or using them.
The “gun control” agenda advances by making firearms ownership and use become less popular. As the popularity drops, the number of voters who oppose gun prohibition will drop. Soon, the pro-gun constituency will be unimportant to politicians and judges. On that day your right to keep and bear arms will be legally dead.
Achieving that goal is the anti-gun lobby’s mission. Else, why doesn’t the anti-gun lobby ever try to repeal a “gun control” law that has proven useless against criminals? Because those laws do their intended job: discouraging law-abiding private citizens from owning guns.
Two deranged killers violated dozens of “gun control” and criminal laws when they blasted into Columbine High School. None of the laws deterred the suicidal murderers. Everybody knows this fact. Everybody knows also that federal laws requiring trigger locks, waiting periods, and gun show buyer background checks, would have done nothing to prevent the Columbine killings. These laws won’t stop future suicidal murderers either.
The new “gun control” laws won’t reduce crime, but they will advance the gun prohibition agenda. The new laws will increase the costs and hassle of buying and using firearms, whether for sport, militia training or self-defense.

When the federal government “must act to control firearms,” the public starts thinking that there must be something “wrong” with firearms and private firearms users. More laws force gun dealers and owners to struggle to avoid warrantless inspections, potential criminal charges, and civil lawsuits. For the average citizen, buying, selling, owning and using a gun become expensive, embarrassing and legally risky activities — and not worth the trouble.
The ideas of harmony, abundance and self-government, enshrined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, depend upon an armed citizenry to protect them. Twentieth Century history has irrefutably proved that mega-death and destruction rain down on peoples who have let their governments disarm them. America, too, must outlive its own sordid history of slavery and oppression of a people disarmed.


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