Sep 10, 2015

Meme Illustrates Difference Between Islam and Christianity

By on Thursday, September 10, 2015

amela Geller wrote on Breitbart that she is getting death threats every day because the FBI labeled her a “militia extremist”:
The website Public Intelligence reported that “an intelligence bulletin issued by the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division in late May warns that so-called ‘militia extremists’ are likely to begin targeting Muslim institutions, including mosques and other religious facilities.”
It named me, among others, among those who incite these violent “militia extremists.”

Meanwhile, as the FBI libels me as someone who inspires violence, I am getting death threats every day. Every day now.
The FBI’s report on these right-wing militias is focusing upon an entirely trumped-up problem in service of a frankly sinister agenda. There is no significant right-wing militia threat, and neither I nor any of the others mentioned are telling anyone to commit any acts of violence. This is just the latest attempt to demonize and marginalize those who dare to speak the truth about jihad violence, and to further the administration’s dangerous fantasies about Islam being a religion of peace that is lied about by hatemongers, rather than a religion of violence that is inciting violence and hatred worldwide.
I have never supported, called for or advocated for violence — ever. None of my readers, members of my organizations, or supporters has ever hurt anyone. We work to stop the violence and carnage, and now the FBI is targeting those who oppose jihad terror?
And CNN reported last week that “a group calling itself the Islamic State Hacking Division this week posted online a purported list of names and contacts for Americans it refers to as ‘targets,’ according to officials. Though the legitimacy of the list is questionable, and much of the information it contains is outdated, the message claims to provide the phone numbers, locations, and ‘passwords’ for 1,400 American government and military personnel as well as purported credit card numbers, and excerpts of some Facebook chats.”
And the FBI is worried about violence that I supposedly incite? All this is the fruit of President Obama’s anti-American jihad. Americans are not safe in our own homeland, and those who should be protecting us are targeting the victims. In threatening to murder those 1,400 Americans, the Islamic State jihadis wrote that they were “continuing that message: You don’t have to come to Syria and Iraq, you can stay where you are, do something where you are.”
They published these lists in order to try to spark Muslim attacks in the United States such as the ones in Garland, Texas, and Chattanooga, Tennessee, in recent months. Their default response for all things un-Islamic is literally chopping heads off or committing mass murder. In this is the root of their supremacism. And we are told we must respect this culture of death and murder.
This ideology turns men into monsters. Anti-real. Blind. Evil.
It should be given no quarter. It is anti-human. Evil is made possible by the sanction you give it — the media, academia, the Obama administration should withdraw their sanction. The FBI should be ashamed of itself for targeting the victims instead of focusing on the real threat.
Christians need to stop being attacked and we all need to keep our eyes on the real enemy — Islamic extremists.


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