Sep 5, 2015

LOL: Politically Incorrect Meme Slams The Socialist Plan For “Free” College

By on Saturday, September 05, 2015

From US News:
Sanders framed the need for free public college by saying that, “in a global economy, when our young people are competing with workers from around the world, we have got to have the best educated workforce possible. And, that means that we have got to make college affordable.”

While these goals are the right ones, the reality is that free public college would make it harder to achieve them.
Part of the concern relates to how best to use government funds. The idea would cost $70 billion per year, more than twice what the federal government spends on Pell grants.
And much of that money would provide a free education to students whose families can already afford it.
But even more important than how much we spend and who we spend it on, we should ask ourselves what impact free public college would have on the delivery system of higher education. That is, would free college make higher education more efficient, more innovative and higher quality? …

Given the shortcomings of the status quo, it’s important to ask if free public college would make the system more cost-effective. And would it lead to a larger variety of high-quality, flexible options, fostering, as Sanders mentioned, the “best educated workforce possible”?
Unfortunately, there are good reasons to be skeptical. …


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