Sep 28, 2015

Kid Conservative’s Latest Attempt To Smear Obama Backfires, Big Time (IMAGES)

By on Monday, September 28, 2015

Thirteen-year-old conservative YouTuber CJ Pearson has been the toast of conservative circles for months, by launching what they see as eloquent tirades against President Obama. But his latest smear of the President has backfired spectacularly.
Nearly two million people have watched Pearson’s video roasting Obama for inviting Ahmed (the boy with the clock) to the White House. The video earned him over 17,000 YouTube subscribers, a five-minute interview with Ted Cruz, and he was profiled by much of the mainstream press, including the Washington Post. He has become Fox News’ favorite young, black conservative.
But what goes up, must come down.
Pearson’s downfall started with this claim to have been blocked by the POTUS Twitter account. The President was apparently so terrified of this 13-year-old kid with a God complex, that he couldn’t even cope with seeing his tweets.
 The tweet was immediately picked up without question by the likes of Breitbart and the Daily Caller. But not everyone was convinced. Pearson and his conservative media friends let loose hell on the White House over the next 24 hours. This is a pretty typical example of the posts they put up.
 But there was just one problem. The story was bullshit.
As the Washington Post reports:
But other online sleuths could tell that something was off. First, a subsequent Pearson tweet revealed that he was still following @BarackObama. Second, there was no timestamp or external information on the tweet, and the kerning on the standard text “learn more” was skewed. Coincidentally, a popular parody account had previous tweeted an identical image (now deleted) of an Obama “blocking,” with the same kerning.
At this point, a reporter from The Blaze reaches out to Pearson. Next thing you know, the kid is on his Facebook page denouncing the journalist.
“In a few minutes, @ is going to release a hit article on me and I’m going to take it,” he wrote. “Because here’s what the PR folks are saying: say you lied and apologize to avoid backlash. But, instead, I choose to stand by my word. While the article will be incriminating, all we have in politics is our word and I stand by it. Nevertheless, I’m disappointed in .”
Pearson kept promising an iron-clad defense truth bomb was about to drop any minute. But it never did. Without producing a shred of evidence to back up his claims, Pearson simply signed off on the matter.
It turns out this 13-year-old is no more reliable than the conservative media and lawmakers he spends so much of his time courting. Let’s hope he takes a time out and learns a little humility on the back of this social media belly flop.


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