Sep 5, 2015

Harvard Students Now Get To Make Up Their Own Completely Fake Gender Pronouns (2 Pics)

By on Saturday, September 05, 2015

 Starting this fall, students enrolling at Harvard University’s largest division, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, will have the option to identify themselves by whatever completely non-existent gender pronouns they feel like making up, reportedCampus Reform.
Their registration forms will reportedly include a myriad of different options — “ze, hir, hirs,” etc.” — as well as an empty space so students can just conjure up a pronoun out of thin air.

According to the social justice warriors, referring to somebody by an improper pronoun allegedly constitutes a “microaggression,” which is why Harvard officials felt compelled to institute this completely loony policy in the first place.
“Before, folks really had to have a personal conversation of pronouns that they prefer,” Joshua Blecher-Cohen, an intern at the Office of BGLTQ Student Life, explained to reporters.
“Oftentimes in classes there was no space on the first day of class for folks to make that clear, and so this standardizes it across the board.”
Gee, Joshua, excuse the rest of us for not relying on biological science — which liberals purport to love, ironically enough — to determine which pronoun to use!
Speaking of which, I hereby proclaim that all shall refer to me by the brand-spanking new pronoun, “King Zoopa Zappa Of Mooka Hooka Pooka Land.”


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