Sep 10, 2015

Epic New Cartoon Exposes GOP Leaders For What They Are

By on Thursday, September 10, 2015

Katie McGuire reports:
Nobody else wants to say it, so, I will.
The GOP Leadership is D.C. is a JOKE.
Republicans are spending their time whining and crying about the Iran deal. It could actually be credible whining had they not enacted and had Obama not signed Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015. You know, that silly ol’ law? The one the Republican-controlled congress could actually DO something about?

Translation for plain speaking folk:
GOP Leadership losers plot how to lose as per usual without being totally obvious about it.
These fools must think that the American public is as stupid as they are. We must be somewhat, since we keep electing these ineffectual creeps. However, we are getting wiser to the old bag of tricks these losers keep playing out.
Obama has failed to comply with the crystal-clear conditions spelled out in the Corker law. This is indisputable. “Side deals” that the statute explicitly requires to be disclosed to Congress — involving, for example, IAEA inspection terms and Iran’s prior nuclear work — have been withheld.
Sadly, the thing that is the worst in this whole scenario is the threat to national security. That’s right. The people who are elected to help us preserve our national security, to represent the needs of Americans (read: not Iranians) are DOING NOTHING.
Everyone involved in this should be kicked out on their rears. We would be fools to elect anyone that is not screaming and yelling against this deal – it is, after all, against the law.
The real question to ask is also this: If we allow the highest officials in the land to ignore the rules of the land, what kind of path of lawlessness is this country headed down?


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