Sep 10, 2015

Brilliant Meme Crushes Liberal Arguments About Guns and Gun Violence

By on Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bearing Arms ranks the 2016 presidential candidates on how they feel about guns:

The U.K Telegraph conducted and survey and did research to determine where Republican Presidential candidates stood on gun rights.
Not every candidate has a legislative track record on 2nd Amendment issues. Donald Trump and Ben Carson are all coming into the race as private citizens.
Not every candidate is a gun owner. Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, and Chris Christie do not own guns.

While no ranking system is perfect, we can loosely rank the candidates* based upon their legislative records, their gun ownership, their past public statements, and “walking the walk”… whether or not we know they’ve put in time on the firing line, and whether their gun usage suggests an actual appreciation for firearms, or whether their interest is in merely fabricating a consumable public image.
Top Tier 2nd Amendment Candidates
To earn a spot in our top tier, candidates need to not only have a strong track record of supporting the Second Amendment rights of American citizens, but need to be not just gun owners themselves, but real shooters… not just on the campaign trail, or in theory.
Rick Perry (R) — The two-term governor of Texas not only spends a lot of time on the gun range with his collection of firearms, but has been known to carry a concealed handgun, which he’s famously used to shoot and kill a coyote that threatened his dog during a morning run. He would seem to easily have more trigger time than any other candidate, and has a solid pro-gun record in office.
Rand Paul (R)— The Kentucky libertarian is a known gun owner, and is a well-known 2nd Amendment absolutist.
Mike Huckabee (R) — The first American governor with a concealed carry permit, gun collector, and an avid hunter, Huckabee is clearly on the record as noting that the purpose of the 2nd Amendment is as protection against a tyrannical government.
Bottom Tier 2nd Amendment Candidates
John Kasich (R) — Voted for Bill Clinton’s 1994 “ban” on so-called assault weapons. Was better as governor.
Donald Trump(R) — Though a concealed carry permit holder with a newfound respect for the 2nd Amendment, Republican front-runner Trump has supported the 1994 assault weapon ban, waiting periods, & background checks.
Ben Carson (R) — The gifted retired neurosurgeon briefly voiced support for a ban on semi-automatic firearms in urban areas before quickly retreating after being blasted for his views. He claims to be a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, but we simply don’t see it.

Chris Christie (R) — Christie has a mixed record on gun rights, but leans toward the more totalitarian end of the spectrum.
In the end, owning or not owning a gun doesn’t subtract or add any points to any of these presidential candidates. Believing in protecting the Second Amendment and choosing to exercise your right to bear arms are two different things.
But, it’s at least important to know if the candidates are “walking the walk” in regards to what they have said about where they stand on Second Amendment rights.


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