Sep 10, 2015

Best Meme EVER on Shootings; Liberals Can’t Answer This

By on Thursday, September 10, 2015

Crain’s reports on the real reason behind Chicago’s mass amount of gun violence:
Chicago’s political and law enforcement leaders largely have ignored the impact of repeat offenders on the city’s murder rate.
Instead, city officials have touted supply-side gun control as being the solution to Chicago’s violent crime.
Gun control theorists assert that instituting controls rendering lawful firearm ownership expensive and impractical somehow will choke illicit gun trade and the crime it spawns.
Such assertions are made without benefit of evidence linking lawful demand for firearms to criminal demand for weapons.

In practice, criminal demand for weapons appears inelastic, with the spiral of violence unaffected by restrictions on lawful gun owners.
The enactment of progressively onerous gun control laws has served only to engender new and creative marketing practices on the part of criminal arms suppliers. And so the carnage continues.
Supporters of supply-side gun control complain long and loud that the “gun lobby” is impeding efforts to stem violent crime.
Those complaints notwithstanding, armed violence in this nation will not be contained until criminal demand for weapons is diminished.
As suggested by the murder analysis, criminal demand for weapons will diminish only when offenders in the care of the criminal justice system are effectively rehabilitated.
Sadly, rehabilitation of criminals is something our corrections departments are either unwilling or unable to do.
Like all people of good conscience, Illinois’ lawful firearm owners abhor the violence taking place in our communities.

After all, we and our families live here too.
That being said, we are not going to accept the role of scapegoat for failed social policies.
We will not accept a brand of politics that prefers to heap rules on people who follow rules rather than holding those who do not follow the rules accountable.
We never will agree that gun control is an acceptable substitute for crime control.


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