Aug 5, 2015

Which Box Store is Banning Toy Guns? You’ll be SHOCKED…

By on Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Born in the south from the mind of a good ol’ boy from Arkansas. A place where trucks, boots and country music is a way of life. Where people fish and, yes, hunt for their food. Usually hunt with guns, and ammo.
Walmart is place where people can get discounted goods and buy groceries at an affordable price. It’s a place where you can buy a birthday gift and a new t-shirt while getting deli meat. It’s a pretty neat concept of an affordable neighborhood store.
Now, Walmart is cow-towing to the liberal agenda, and in a way you WILL NOT believe.

Even though Walmart sells ACTUAL guns and ACTUAL ammo, like for killing food or range practice, they will no longer sell toy guns.
Say what?
Yup, no more toy guns. Sorry, Nerf, looks like you’ll take a profit hit. Seriously though, this ‘ban’ affects only ‘realistic’ looking guns. But who in the world is the discretionary person on THAT?
CNN Money says that five major retailers have agreed to stop selling realistic-looking toy guns in New York state, the attorney general said Monday.
Walmart (WMT), Amazon (AMZN, Tech30), K-Mart and its parent Sears (SHLD), as well as a small online retailer called ACTA announced a deal with New York state attorney general Eric Schneiderman to halt the illegal sales.
He says the toys at issue can be mistaken by law enforcement for the real thing because they don’t have the broad orange stripe down the side that’s required for fake guns by New York state law. (Federal law requires toy guns to have an orange tip).
The companies will stop shipping the illegal toys to New York and will collectively pay fines totaling more than $309,000.
Since 1994 there have been 63 shootings linked to toy guns in the state, resulting in at least eight deaths, according to Schneiderman. He said at a press conference that it was the 1998 death of Brooklyn teenager Michael Jones, whose water gun was mistaken by police for a real weapon, that spurred lawmakers to ban realistic toy weapons.
But “year after year, we found retailers chose profit over safety,” Schneiderman added.
The settlement requires these toymakers to adhere to much stricter requirements that New York City has in place.
Toy weapons sold there must be brightly colored and include a visible logo to make them immediately distinguishable from a real weapon. Now the companies in the Schneiderman deal must adhere to these guidelines throughout New York state.

God. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.
This is beyond stupid. We aren’t raising a generation of sociopaths because of some toy BB or cap guns. The issue is a lack of parenting and a lack of dual parent households. The issue is coddling our kids instead of teaching them about gun safety. Give me a break, Walmart.
As for me, I am headed to Walmart right now to buy every toy gun I can find before they are outlawed. I’ll need something for my grand kids to play with in the future.
H/T: Young Cons


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