Aug 22, 2015

What do Unions, Planned Parenthood and Socialists in Ohio Have in Common? (6 Pics)

By on Saturday, August 22, 2015

This weekend Americans for Prosperity is holding their annual Defending the American Dream summit in Columbus Ohio.
Of course, a convention about ideology that opposes far left wingers is bound to be protested by paid union hacktivists.
Interesting there were so many that were ‘free’ on a workday to protest the ‘evil Koch Brothers.’ Did their unions pay them $15/hour to be there?
Does a protest happen if no one is paying attention? The majority of the participants in the event were busy listening to speakers or in training so it’s not like they heard anyone.

Rumor has it this protester is part of the teachers’ union:
The unions were chanting ‘Right To Work is Wrong’ and were joined by a Black Lives Matter protester as well as Planned Parenthood protesters:

It’s unclear what Planned Parenthood protesters were protesting since they don’t believe in the ‘right to life’ so the lives they choose to abort wouldn’t have to worry about working correct?
And it isn’t a union protest without socialists:
And even though presidential candidate Scott Walker won’t be at the event, they still had to protest him as well:
The workers didn’t seem too enthusiastic about the protest other than a few who were probably union leaders. Most were just slowly walking in zombie fashion down the street.
A local security official estimated the number of protesters at around 2,500. Most probably have zero clue that Right t0 Work = Worker choice and freedom but no matter. They’ll continue to do what they are told.


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