Aug 18, 2015

Student Emails His Professor Blackout Drunk And Wakes Up To A Surprising Reply In His Inbox (3 Pics)

By on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Teachers put up with a lot of nonsense, and it’s a nonsense that doesn’t go away with age. It doesn’t matter if a student is 5 years old or 25 years old; they will still find ways to annoy their teacher. The difference is that a 25-year-old can get drunk and use his phone to send emails to his university professor, while the worst a five-year-old an do is spill their juice at lunch.

Of course, what fun would university be if you couldn’t remember the Saturday nights spent earning the title of ‘master beer pong champion’? Your Sunday mornings would probably still lack to the motivation to do anything, but at least you wouldn’t be emailing your university professor to claim a deadline extension.
It’s not all that bad though. Apparently, all you need is a professor that has got a sense of humor and doesn’t mind having his baldness called out, then you’re set to drunkenly email him as many times as his patience will allow for. You can bet on how long that will take, but just know that every single university professor has been there before, and they can’t remember their drunken nights just like you can’t. You could say that the only real difference between you and your professor is that they have health insurance if they need a stomach pump. You’ve got to have an awkward conversation with dad about using his health plan after the fact.


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