Aug 12, 2015

Right-Wing Lashes Out After CA’s Democratic Governor Refuses To Support A Disgusting Slur (4 Pics)

By on Wednesday, August 12, 2015

California Governor Jerry Brown signed three pieces of immigration legislation on Monday and one of them is making the right-wing extremely unhappy.
The governor signed a bill that allows legal permanent residents in high school to serve as poll workers during elections. He signed another one that protects undocumented teens in civil suits and, finally, he signed a bill that removes the term “alien” from the state’s labor code.
Evan Westrup, a spokesman for the governor, explained that Brown wanted every Californian know that they are important:
“These bills reflect a state that both recognizes and respects the diversity — and contributions — of all Californians.”
Sen. Tony Mendoza (D-Artesia), the author of the bill that removed “illegal alien” from the labor code told the Los Angeles Times why he wrote the legislation:
“Alien is now commonly considered a derogatory term for a foreign-born person and has very negative connotations,” Mendoza said. “The United States is a country of immigrants who not only form an integral part of our culture and society, but are also critical contributors to our economic success.”
The word is definitely a xenophobic slur meant to make immigrants feel as though they are outcasts. In the immigrant community it ranks right up there with other derogatory terms like “wetback” and “spic.” People who call undocumented immigrants “illegals” or “aliens” want to dehumanize them and make them feel less than. They are usually the same people who call African-Americans “niggers.”
Most people know that the term “alien” is offensive and do not use it, so it makes sense that the governor would ban it, but not everybody is happy about it.
The right-wing is irritated that the state is not openly discriminating against immigrants by calling them names. This isn’t surprising given the fact that the right is unbelievably xenophobic and racist. So when Breitbart shared an article about the bill today, I knew the comment section on their Facebook page would be a cesspool of hate; I wasn’t wrong:

Paul Duque up there, in the last screenshot, is my favorite with his “WB” comment. You see, Paul really, really wants to say “wetback” but he knows that it is a racial slur so he gives it an acronym. Not only is he an ignorant racist, but he is an ignorant racist without any testicular fortitude.
There are over 2,200 comments under Breitbart’s article and 99 percent of them are from people who hate anyone who isn’t a white American.
Good for Jerry Brown for signing this legislation into law. No government should use slurs in their various codes, laws or anything else. The right is angry that their hate is becoming less and less acceptable and they resent the hell out of anyone who stops them from openly discriminating. How dare this Democrat treat brown people with dignity and respect?!!
Governor Brown just made their tiny little brains explode all over the place.
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