Aug 21, 2015

Planned Parenthood Says Something REPULSIVE To Woman Second-Guessing Her Abortion

By on Friday, August 21, 2015

When, while seeking out an abortion at Planned Parenthood several years ago, Virginia resident Nancy Tanner told the nurse that she did not want to donate fetal tissue and have her baby “be used for scientific research,” she never expected the nurse to respond like this.
Don’t worry … it’s not a baby!” the nurse reportedly told her.
Tanner argued with the nurse for a bit but eventually signed  a form that gave Planned Parenthood the right to harvest and sell her baby’s body parts, though doubts still remained.

Then, while lying on the operating table, she told the doctor that she wanted to leave, but the doctor said “it was too late” for her to change her mind.
Even worse, the doctor yelled at her during the procedure:
“The cramping was horrible … after the machine was finally turned off, the doctor took the jar and right in front of me, he dumped the contents onto a tray and started looking for the pieces.”
… “I can’t find all the parts. How pregnant were you?” he allegedly said, with Tanner adding, “He yelled at me! ‘If you get an infection it’s not my fault.’ Then he turned the machine back on and vacuumed some more. That was worse than the first time.”
It should not surprise you learn that the story of Nancy Tanner, who now happens to run the anti-abortion organization Silent No More, is one of dozens.
To read similar stories, check the PDF below:
Silent No More “Defund Planned Parenthood” Campaign by Vivek Saxena
Sickening, isn’t it? Yet President Barack Hussein Obama refuses to allow us to defund this sordid organization.


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