Aug 15, 2015

New chaos on Kos as Pakistanis, Afghans and Iranians throw fists and rocks in fight over to be registered as migrants (20 Pics)

By on Saturday, August 15, 2015

  • Riot police stood by and did nothing as bloody-faced Asian migrants clashed near a police station on island of Kos 
  • Giant ferry has docked on the island to provide temporary shelter and a screening facility for thousands of migrants
  • Syrians given priority over Asian migrants because they are fleeing country's war and therefore considered refugee 
  • The International Organisation of Migration says the number of asylum seeker to reach Europe will soon top 250,000

  • Eruption: A group of Pakistani, Iranian and Afghan migrants brawled with each other near a police station in Kos today

    Brawl: They chanted their countries' names as they exchanged blows and threw rocks at each other near a passenger ship where migrants were being registered

    Reinforcement: The Eleftherios Venizelos ferry (pictured) docked on Kos to help register the thousands of migrants which are now sleeping rough on its streets

    Fast access: The Asian migrants had little chance of being processed because the Greek Authorities are giving priority to Syrians

    Fleeing war: Syrians (pictured) are treated as refugees because they are fleeing their country's bitter civil war and therefore have greater rights under international law than economic migrants.

    Hostilities: Fighting broke out between groups of Asian migrants as pressure erupted into violence on the island of Kos

    Violence: Asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran threw rocks and exchanged blows while police seemingly did little to stop the altercation

    Beaten: A man is kicked repeatedly by other migrants while lying on the ground after violence erupted on the popular holiday island

    Their arrival on the south-east Greek island comes as the International Organization for Migration warns the number of asylum seekers to reach Europe this year nears 250,000

    Safe: A rubber dinghy filled with Syrian men, women and children wearing colourful armbands and life vests landed on Kos this morning

    The other side: The migrants, who are believed to be Syrian, smiled and cheered as they made their way up the beach to Kos Island

    Elated: Their new and temporary home has been inundated with other asylum seekers who have made the short but dangerous 2.5-mile crossing from Turkey on rubber dinghies like theirs

    Crossing over: Syrian migrants arrive on an overcrowded a dinghy on a beach near the port on the Greek island of Kos this morning

    Excitement: A young Syrian girl smiles as she jumps of the overcrowded dinghy, which has journeyed from Turkey, and into the water

    Influx: The Geneva-based IOM said Greece has taken in around 135,000 migrants (pictured) who came over from Turkey this year

    Disembark: Migrants and refugees (pictured) with temporary documents wait at the port of Kos, for a ferry to take them to Athens

    Exodus: While these migrants wait to board a ferry to Athens, thousands more are still stuck on the island waiting to be registered so they can receive travelling documents

    Anger: Tensions were reportedly high at Fenerburnu Beach in Bodrum, Turkey (pictured) last night as two migrants were forced off a rubber dinghy by their furious fellow passengers

    Trouble: Migrants from the coastal town of Bodrum, Turkey, disembark their boat after it started to sink as they attempted to make their way to the Greek island of Kos

    Continuous: Around 2,000 Syrians left Kos on Wednesday and Thursday - considerably reducing the overall number of people trapped on the island - but more arrive every night


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