Aug 9, 2015

NASA’s Mars Rover Camera Captures a Crab-like Alien on the Red Planet (13 pics )

By on Sunday, August 09, 2015

Alien conspiracy theorist everywhere are losing their shit over this photo taken by the Mars rover.

Zoom in a little and you will see something that looks out of place…

Boom! An alien! Seth Shostack, Senior Astronomer and Director of the Center for SETI Research had this to say about the image:
“Those that send them to me are generally quite excited, as they claim that these frequently resemble SOMETHING you wouldn’t expect to find on the rusty, dusty surface of the Red Planet. It’s usually some sort of animal, but occasionally even weirder objects such as automobile parts. Maybe they think there are cars on Mars.”
He added:
“Recognizing a crab in a landscape filled with wind-weathered rocks is no more surprising — nor more significant — than seeing a winking face in a semi-colon followed by a parenthesis. ;)”
This crab-like object reminds me of something terrifying.

Over the years there have been many cases of pareidolia on Mars. Pareidolia is the psychological phenomenon when your brain perceives something that does not exist. Do you see the face in this picture?

Here we have a thigh bone.

The spine of a large animal, probably a dinosaur.


Some sort of shiny debris.


An iguana.

The face of a goat creature.

Two dinosaurs about to fight.

And lastly, a finger.


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