Aug 6, 2015

Meme’s Powerful Response To Planned Parenthood Defenders Is One You Have To See

By on Thursday, August 06, 2015

Good people know that killing and dismembering an innocent human is evil. Yet many continue to defend the funding of Planned Parenthood because they believe and perpetuate the lie that abortion is not the killing of a human. When faced with the injustice of killing an innocent life, they look away, hiding from the truth and calling death by another name.

Having carried life in my womb, I cannot look away. I cannot cloak reality in another name: Early pregnancy loss is death, and willful termination is killing. …
Our current ways of discussing early pregnancy has confused both our understanding of the woman who has miscarried and the woman who has aborted. From both women, we have taken away their ability and their right to grieve by denying the death of their child.

I beg you: Do not turn your head from death. The purposeful destruction of fetal tissue is the destruction of an innocent life. Regardless of the legalities surrounding Planned Parenthood’s participation in the sale of fetal tissue, the Center for Medical Progress has called our attention to the disgusting practice of abortion, and we must answer. When a woman is in the tragic situation of unwanted pregnancy, we have to offer her more than death. If she is considering abortion, we must meet her with something better. Death will not free her from her misery. We must meet her with life. …
Read the whole thing here.


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