Aug 26, 2015

Liberal Cartoonist Illustrates How Democrats Feel About 2016

By on Wednesday, August 26, 2015

You know Democrats are in BIG trouble when their best hope for 2016 is Joe Biden!
The potential first First Gentleman is reportedly “very agitated” by the possibility Vice President Joe Biden may challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.
Politico detailed President Bill Clinton’s frustration with the state of his wife’s campaign in a piece out Wednesday:
Clinton’s camp, hands full with the email controversy and a surprisingly stout challenge from independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, isn’t in a patient mood.
Bill Clinton, according to a person who has spoken with the former president in the last couple of weeks, is “very agitated” by the possibility of a Biden candidacy and incensed at the press hype around a possible bid.

The Clinton campaign has suffered from a dragging private email story that rather than go away, only grows.
Her honesty and trustworthy numbers are underwater, and even a majority of Democrats who support her believe she will be hurt by the email scandal in a general election. Multiple polls have shown Clinton, once a 50-point frontrunner, now trails Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Ver.) in New Hampshire.
Some aides believe Biden’s entrance to the race may energize a “lackluster” performance by their candidate so far.


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