Aug 5, 2015

Journalists Create Obnoxious Bot to ‘Correct’ Those Who Use Term ‘Illegal Immigrant’ on Twitter

By on Wednesday, August 05, 2015

People have been creating machines that try to control us more and more these days.
Freethinking humans have had to fight back against yet another robot with a mission to change the way we define “people living in the United States without proper authorization.”
Two journalists from the Disney-ABC owned Fusion network — Patrick Hogan and Jorge Rivas — created a bot to monitor tweets and correct people who use the apparently no longer “socially acceptable” use of the completely accurate term “illegal immigrant.”
For many years, it was considered socially acceptable by some to use the term “illegal immigrant” (or worse, “illegal alien”) to label people living in the United States without proper authorization.

But those days are over. In 2015, everyone from President Obama to actress Natalie Portman has gotten used to saying “undocumented immigrant” or “unauthorized immigrant” instead of the outdated and offensive phrase “illegal immigrant…”
So, in a modest effort to help America shed some of its historical baggage, we built a Twitter bot that replies to some of the people who tweet the words “illegal immigrant,” letting them know that in 2015, the preferred terms are “undocumented immigrant” or “unauthorized immigrant…”
Why is it considered offensive to call people “illegal immigrants?”
Because, as journalist, filmmaker, and immigration activist Jose Antonio Vargas told us in a recent interview, “Actions are illegal. People are not…”
“I am here illegally, but as a person I am not ‘illegal,’” he explained.
The “DroptheIBot” account has recently been suspended because, like you would probably guess, most people didn’t take kindly to a ‘bot’ telling them what words they are ‘allowed’ to say on Twitter.
The response it automatically gave to everyone that wrote “illegal immigrant” was also quite pretentious.
Here are some of the responses to a bot telling people to “try saying ‘undocumented immigrant’ or ‘unauthorized immigrant’ instead”:

I mean, come on, this is ridiculous. We are adults who live in what’s supposed to be a free country where we have freedom of speech.
If a person comes into my country illegally, they are an “illegal immigrant,” and no one can tell me otherwise.


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