Aug 7, 2015

IRONY: Pistol-packing, Gun-loving Woman May Replace Hamilton on $10 Bill

By on Friday, August 07, 2015

 You have probably already heard that feminists on the left demanded a woman be placed on paper money.
Not only is it ridiculous to alter money in this fashion but it also wipes out historical context of our paper currency.
It’s an insane waste of valuable taxpayer dollars and further proof that feminism isn’t about doing something useful in the world anymore.
Women don’t even grasp that the evil “patriarchy” thinks so little of them they are only worth $10.

The delicious irony is that the woman that may be chosen was a pistol-packing and gun-loving former First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt.
Alexander Hamilton is out and a woman is in.  But which woman will be the lucky gal to grace the new $10 dollar set to begin circulation in 2020?
A new McLatchy-Marist survey released Wednesday has former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt beating out Harriet Tubman, Amelia Airhart, and Sacagawea for the spot on the new currency.
Roosevelt secured 27 percent of the votes, with Tubman in her shadow capturing 17 percent.
But according to The Hill, the entire survey was only out of a pool of 1,259 respondents.
Can it get any sweeter than that? Do you think they’d this photo on the bill?

Roosevelt also had her concealed carry license. ZOMG!

Who knew Roosevelt, as left wing as they came, would be someone who could represent women gun owners in the future?
Certainly not the left wing feminutcases who demanded a woman replace a man on paper currency.


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