Aug 14, 2015

'I make my money from my family's shrimp business': Man pretends to be Forrest Gump in hilarious Tinder exchange... but potential date fails to see the joke

By on Friday, August 14, 2015

  • Blake, 24, listed his hobbies to mirror those of Tom Hanks' character
  • One potential date failed to make the connection with 1994 film
  • Blake posted the pictures from their conversation on his Imgur account 

  • It's not unusual to adopt a slightly different persona when online dating in a bid to attract potential dates.
    However, one member of the dating app Tinder took this to a whole new level when he pretended to be Tom Hanks' fictional character Forrest Gump from the 1994 blockbuster - with hilarious results.

    Blake, as he is named on his profile, 24, lists his occupation, and his hobbies and interests, to coincide exactly with that of the slow-witted protagonist.

     A man altered his Tinder account to mirror the hobbies and interests of the Tom Hanks' character in the 1994 blockbuster Forrest Gump and amazingly one woman failed to see the connection

    He writes: 'Ex-millitary. Hobbies include: Long distance running, football, ping pong, shrimp fishing.' 
    He continues: 'Trying to put myself out there and get over my childhood sweetheart. I have one son named Blake Jr. Enjoy spending my weekends mowing my expansive lawn and making small talk with people at the bus stop.'

    The description perfectly matches the characteristics of the iconic film character, who also names his child after himself and spends the majority of the film telling his life story to passengers at a bus stop.
    Amazingly Blake's prank actually reeled in some interest after one woman failed to make the connection.

    Arianna struck up conversation with Blake and he struck to his persona throughout the conversation

    Even when his description of his life and hobbies matched Forrest's perfectly, Arianna did not catch on

    The pair had an entire conversation without the woman, Arianna, realising that Blake was pulling her leg and he later posted their exchange on his Imgur account.

    Arianna opens the conversation by asking Blake how old his son is and, when he replies three, she begins to quiz him on the imaginary boy's mother. 

    She said: 'Did you and his mom just split? Not to get personal. So sorry, I've been drinking I usually have boundaries hahaha.'
    Staying true to the plot line of the film, Blake reveals that his partner - like Forrest's wife Jenny Curran - passed away.   
    Blake said: 'Blake Jr is kinda too young to really know what's going on but he's a glass full kind of kid.'

    Blake even went as far as to quote the movie directly and his potential date still remained unaware

    Arianna remains completely clueless to the pop culture connection, responding: 'I'm like really sorry, I feel so bad. I have a son who'll be three in September, must be really hard.'
    Determined to stick to the script, Blake continues: 'Yeah every day I send him off to school, I wait by the bus stop with him and hope that he'll grow up to be smarter than me and do great things.'

    Blake later describes a typical day in his life and it continues to mirror the hobbies of Forrest Gump.
    'Most days I just stay home and mow the lawn, lately I haven't had to work much because of the proceeds from my family's shrimp fishing company,' he said.

    Arianna, still unaware of the synergy, replied: 'What do you normally do for work, not to be nosy but was this recent?'
    The impostor then drops the biggest hint, directly quoting the film: 'It's fine, you never know what you're gonna get. I used to be an amateur ping pong player and an army ranger.'
    Arianna continues to take the bait after he once again recites a line from the film, adding:  'And that's all I have to say about that...'
    'You seem like a good guy,' she concluded at the end of their exchange.


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