Aug 22, 2015

How to Deal With The Republican Wingnut Problem (6 Cartoons)

By on Saturday, August 22, 2015

 ndeed, it is a 'spectacle of the ages' to behold. In their hysterical outreach for the nation's most fear-filled, superstitious, least educated and most easily manipulated voters--desperate for any vote from anyone--the GOP has accomplished what no other political organization in the USA has ever done (or wanted to do).
 The republican party and it's sponsors have deceitfully pandered to, enraged with phony drama, elicited loathing and hatred from, incited to violence, murder and near revolt, and then cobbled together in one large voting block, the most gullible and ignorant of our society.  
As a consequence of their mega-financed and extremely determined appeal to our nation's lowest common denominator, they have successfully implanted the same in our congress and senate. What an amazing spectacle!  
We now see them in our highest levels of government, where we can watch them squawk, screech, moan, plot, demean, investigate, invent needless drama, gossip, brag, strut, preach, malign, sue, threaten and intimidate government employees, lie, deny, cheat, and try to pervert and subvert the very democracy that brought them to power, while doing nothing to help the average American citizen. Literally Nothing
 Facts about the modern Republican Party and its constituents: 
  • They are, today, almost exclusively all white;
  • they have become the ultimate nexus for the nation's racists, homophobes, misogynists, intolerant prejudiced bigots, ignorant and ill-educated, fear-filled, and religiously fanatical;
  • they are the first to take away citizen privacy and freedoms in the name of 'national security';
  • they are the first to start wars and the last to serve their country;
  • they malign and try to depose the world's model public education system copied by China, Russia and most of the civilized world;
  • they spend our nations wealth to the point of bankruptcy in order to sell our natural resources to the highest bidders, while cutting off tax revenue to ensure the death of We The People;
  • the first to try and shred our constitution and the last to defend it;
  • more loyal and beholden to a foreign government than their own democratically-elected president;
  • the first in our nation's history to have a president and vice president resign in criminal disgrace;
  • the first in our nation's history to use torture and illegally abduct foreign nationals;
  • the first to screech for 'market freedom' and the first to kill it by embracing industrial monopolies;
  • they have engaged us in the first 'preemptive war' in our history, costing We The People thousands dead and wounded and a trillion dollars while creating a new Middle Eastern haven for terrorists;
  • the first ones to shriek about 'American Exceptionalism' and the last to support it, while children in China out perform all of ours at the same school age.

Beyond their ability to refudiate[sic] any of the above, they actually seem to be proud of it!
Thus, it's not hard to see that, if you can think of any anti-American, any anti-democracy, any low life, negative behavior or internally destructive action against our society, it can be laid at the feet of today's republicans.
There are several theories as to the 'why' of their negative, socially destructive behavior:
The White Flight Syndrome--Americans fearing change, suffering from culture shock as minority cultures establish themselves in our society, becoming our neighbors and attending our schools, and a fear of losing control over what has long been a traditionally white nation (we'll all be forced to sing Hip Hop music, eat tacos and use chopsticks). 
The Oligarchs--powerful, very wealthy remnants of, and believers in, a Robber Baron-controlled (corporatist-fascist) country who devoutly believe that such is the best way for the USA to maintain its power over the world, who disdain public freedoms to affect government rules and regulations, who are absolutely against government oversight of their various industries and loathe interference in their business practices by the American voter--no matter how vile and destructive those practices are, and who employ super-financed propaganda engines to sway public opinion against any and all government that might restrict the growth of 'empires' and their insane, unprincipled greed.
The American Religious--those who, for various superstitious and psycho-pathological (guilt/jealousy) reasons, cannot stand the idea of two men or two women loving each other both spiritually and physically, who eagerly pervert the teachings of Christ to defend their shallow, superstitious point of view while insisting they are "Christians", who have a general fear of anyone outside their narrow, thought-numbing, indoctrinated mindset, and whose brightest stars are profoundly dishonest, selfish men and women with virtually no academic credentials or record of positive, beneficial accomplishments, but who embrace their constituent-provided wealth with a passion.
If you summarize the above, you find some key words that bind them all together:
  • Ignorance
  • Greed
  • Fear
  • Hate
  • Selfishness
  • Guilt
  • Superstition
These are, without question, the worst of human traits.
Additionally, one needs to ask oneself, who of the above stands to benefit from perpetuating a mythical Armageddon in the Middle East?  Its not too hard to see that the Oligarchs will benefit from the warfare, they and the Israeli-American Neocons will benefit from such by, in their minds, ensuring the future of Western-lead control over the planet, and the 'Religious Fundamentalists' will benefit by increasing the number and loyalty of their flocks (as well as their personal wealth) through fear-mongering and predictions of doom.
Perhaps this is why those three elements have come together to make up todays republican party, and why that is so profoundly destructive to both our country and humanity on the whole.

There really is only one fix. The only way to restore our nation and its government to a balanced, fair, democracy-respecting, culture-embracing republic is to educate and emphasize the teaching of logic and unencumbered thinking and the true wonders of learning, to teach a respect for our educated thinkers and our scientists, and to strive to progress to greater achievements both personally and as a nation of individuals.
To help make this happen, I propose that all children of school-age should be enrolled in schools that are legally required to teach standard, unfiltered curricula that stresses independent thinking and analysis of known facts, and that religious, faith-based and other superstitious teachings be banned (in schools), and that these principles be made an inviolable, constitutional ammendment.
Teachers should be as well paid as any executive--they are at least, if not more, valuable in this regard--and they should be held to strict qualifying standards.
In the case of religion, children may attend their churches and worship as they please, but any accredited school must not either counter or promote one religious view over another unless that happens coincidentally when teaching scientific fact--the so-called American "Christians" need to acknowledge that there are more and more children attending our schools that may not be 'Christian' in religious preference.
Right now, in the so-called "Godless communist countries", religious teaching in schools is illegal, and religion on the whole is strictly controlled and closely monitored--the two main countries that practice this restriction of religion, China and Russia, have been violently heavy-handed in this regard, but nonetheless now equal and in many cases exceed the scientific capabilities of the USA. The USA must use Russia's launch vehicles to deliver our astronauts to space, while China needs no one's help at all and plans to establish humanity's first moon base within the next two decades.
This MUST give we Americans pause for thought, and the logical conclusion we most certainly are forced to come to is that proper, fact-based--rather than faith-based--education of our youth is key. Indoctrination of our youth by ancient, superstitious doctrine will see us become nothing but a struggling, impoverished remnant of a once great country--a society to be preyed upon by the rest of the world.
For the warhawks among us who think that education doesn't matter because 'we have the most powerful military', you need to think again--there is most likely a Chinese or Russian student that might very likely create weaponry we may never even be capable of designing. China already has the world's fastest super-computer and Chinese youth are regularly hacking into, not only our financial institutions, but into our government's secure facilities.
Let me ask you--the republican--this: Are you raising your child to gather up weapons and live in a cave due to some sort of impending doom that you yourself are helping to create? Do you wish for such an outcome because you are outraged by the fact that you live in a democracy where those that disagree with you outnumber you? Have you asked yourself if you and your ideals could ever have a positive, constructive impact on the word, making it a better place?
As well, would you ever seriously want Fox "News" to educate your child?
We, as a nation, need to look at and acknowledge our failures in judgment and governance, instead of ignoring them and hiding our heads in the sand in belief of outmoded, puritanical ideals that are impossible to support in the 21st century. We, as a nation, need to reject the sad, cynical, perverted doctrines of those who would take advantage of our open democracy for selfish, personal gain, then abandon us for the Foreign Riviera as our country implodes. We, as a nation, need to grow up!


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