Aug 21, 2015

Gun Giant Remington Mocks Hillary With One Brutal Tweet (2 Pics)

By on Friday, August 21, 2015

 A story from The Blaze perfectly illustrates Hillary Clinton’s lackadaisical attitude about #ServerGate.  
When asked by federal investigators if she “wiped” her private server clean before turning it over, she said, “Like with a cloth or something?”
The American gun manufacturing giant Remington couldn’t resist mocking her, and tweeted this photo of their firearm cleaning wipes:
We can all get a good laugh at Hillary’s expense because of this tweet, but what’s really going on here?  

Hillary Clinton is faced with scandal after scandal and yet those on the left keep giving her a pass.  The general, everyday, low information voting liberal that is.
This joke about wiping her server clean is just one in a long line of deceptions and lies that she continues to tell.  One has to wonder how, like the legendary Muhammad Ali, she is able to continue to duck and weave around all of this.
The Atlantic reports:
Peter Suderman concludes that when the presidential hopeful is called to account for actions undertaken as a public official, “she responds with misleading statements, distortions, convenient excuses, and a general sense of irritation and entitlement—anything, in other words, but the clear and unambiguous truth.” He goes on to charge that she engaged in “risky, unauthorized, and decidedly non-transparent behavior.”
Hillary’s obvious annoyance with any “real” questions from the press is evident.  
Why are those in her camp are still in her camp?  Any other candidate with this record wouldn’t even have the audacity to show their face in a presidential election.

So far we have Benghazi, #servergate, the Clinton Foundation scandals and more yet nothing seems to be able to derail Hillary. Nothing seems to be able to puncture the armor of her false persona.
It does seem however that many political candidates will lie or deflect when it comes to answering tough questions.  In Hillary’s case however all we get are flat out lies.
Hillary believes it is beneath her to have to answer questions from the media.  Clinton believes she “deserves” to be the next president of the United States of America.  
Why? Because she is a woman and its time. Lets just hope that she never makes it to the Oval Office.


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