Aug 6, 2015

Dem Legislator Accuses Cops of Racism; Makes BIG Mistake

By on Thursday, August 06, 2015

Another Democrat legislator was just caught lying about police brutality and racism.
KHOU reports:
The Austin County Sheriff’s Office released the dash camera video of a July 14 traffic stop of State Representative Garnet Coleman Tuesday to refute claims Coleman made last week about being disrespected and treated “like a child.”
Coleman, as the chair of the Committee on County Affairs, held a hearing last Thursday in Austin as the first public inquiry into the arrest and death of Sandra Bland in Waller County. In that hearing, The Houston Democrat recounted his own history of being pulled over in traffic stops and gave this account of an I-10 traffic stop that happened just two weeks ago.

“He talked to me like I was a child,” he said of the sheriff’s deputy who pulled him over for speeding. “He was so rude and nasty. Even when he found out I was a legislator, he became more rude and nasty. And I didn’t understand why this guy was continuing to go on and on and treat me like a child. And basically like I’m saying is treat me like a boy. I want to be very clear about that,” Coleman said in the committee hearing.
This week the Austin County Sheriff’s Office revealed to KHOU 11 News that one of its deputies made that traffic stop near Sealy on the morning of July 14. And Austin County Sheriff Jack Brandes released the dash cam video of the stop to let the public decide for themselves if his deputy did anything wrong.
“I think the video shows exactly what happened,” Brandes said. “I saw nothing that indicated that he put forth any disrespect whatsoever Brandes said of the Austin County Sheriff’s sergeant who made the traffic stop.

Here’s the complete unedited dash-cam video of the incident:

People who lie about being mistreated by the police should be punished with a mandatory prison sentence! What do you think?


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