Aug 18, 2015

Crowdfunding Set Up to Help Christian Baker Fight Gay Bullies

By on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Reported  about a Christian cake-maker in Colorado who has been harassed by gay bullies and radicals in state government simply because he refuses to participate in “same-sex” wedding ceremonies.
Jack Phillips was ordered to not only make gay wedding cakes, but also to have himself and his employees subject themselves to some kind of left-wing indoctrination training about “tolerance.”
Now, his friends have come to his rescue and have set up a crowdfunding site to help him with his growing costs in taking a stand for his faith.

The Daily Signal reports:
Family and friends of a Christian cake designer hope to help him with a fundraising campaign after a Colorado court ruled Thursday that he must create cakes for same-sex weddings despite his religious beliefs.
“Cake artist” Jack Phillips has said his bakery, Masterpiece Cakeshop, has lost more than a third of its receipts since he stopped making all wedding cakes while the case makes its way through the legal system.
“We hope it will relieve some of the financial pressure on Jack,” his brother-in-law, Jim Sander, said of the new fundraising effort in a phone interview Friday with The Daily Signal. “A business that has a 10 percent loss is a big deal in the Wall Street Journal. So a 40 percent loss is a big hit.”
Sander said the “crowdfunding” campaign, through the website Continue to Give, a Christian-oriented service, went online Thursday afternoon—hours after the Colorado Court of Appeals decided Phillips and his business must provide cakes for gay marriages.
The mission: Financially support Phillips, 59, and “protect his freedom of speech and freedom of religion.” The goal: Raise $200,000.

Mr. Phillips is another example of a target of the radical homosexual “bullying” movement.  Using a sympathetic bureaucratic agency in Colorado, they hope to destroy Masterpiece Cakeshop – Phillips’ business – in much the same way they were able to destroy another similar business in Oregon – Sweet Cakes By Melissa.
 The Daily Signal explains how anyone can help Phillips if they choose to do so:
Those who go to the “Support Jack Phillips” site may contribute any amount, making their names and size of donation public or keeping either private. Givers also may leave encouraging messages for Phillips.
The first contributions began to trickle in Thursday night. As of 4 p.m. Sunday, the site had logged 17 donations.
One of the first, for $100, came with the message: “We appreciate you fighting this battle for the free speech of everyone.”
Another contributor wrote: “You are fighting the good fight and I hope you take it all the way to the Supremes. Free exercise of religion must be protected. You cannot take a right from one to give to another and call that justice.”
This is encouraging that once again people of faith and those who love freedom have come together to help someone in need.
His fight is for all Americans who refuse to knuckle under to oppressive government bureaucrats who think they are “god” when it comes to people’s religious practice.

What is even more egregious is that in the language of the Colorado Human Rights Commission’s report in sanctioning Phillips, he is compared to Nazis.
Given the Phillips’ family’s past, this comparison is downright stupid, as The Daily Signal reveals:
 The summary notes statements, some by public officials such as state Human Rights Commissioner Diann Rice, comparing Phillips to a slave owner or to German Nazis who carried out the Holocaust:
During WWII, Jack’s dad, Wayne Phillips, actually fought the Nazis all the way through France and Germany including the D-Day landing and the Battle of the Bulge. He was wounded by the Nazis and received a Purple Heart. He assisted in the liberation of Buchenwald, a concentration camp.
 So, here we have the son of an American WWII hero being called a Nazi by a brain-dead left-wing bureaucrat.  How imbecilic and childish can one get.
Once again, the site to help support Mr. Phillips and his fight for 1st Amendment Religious Freedom is “Support Jack Phillips”.
A message needs to be sent to all who think they have the right to deny any American their 1st Amendment Freedoms.


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