Aug 7, 2015

Air Pug Flugtag 2015 Build (95 Pics)

By on Friday, August 07, 2015

Meet AIR PUG! We're a team from Vancouver, BC that participated in Red Bull's 2015 Flugtag in Portland, Oregon with the dream to see pugs fly.

Inspired by our mascot Pug Donut, we thought it'd be hilarious to see a giant pug majestically sail into the river.
This is was our concept drawing submitted to Red Bull. It was drawn at 2am at night after a long brainstorming session giving it the charming name "2am Pug".
A better pug concept drawn the next day - "2PM Pug"
A promotional photo submitted alongside our concept drawing. That's our pilot Calum and our muse Pug Donut!
We also created schematic diagrams to show we had some what semblance of an idea of how to make a giant pug.

Drawn to exact specifications.

First step was to make a clay analog to measure proportions. It's useful when you build the full-size - all we had to do was scale up the measurements.
We also made a little air ship.

Home Depot was the source for most of our materials.

Step 1. Make a box
Step 2. ???
Step 3. Air Pug
The Air Pug body was made of plastic tubing bent around a PVC pipe frame.

Teammate Adrian stands next to the air ship frame. The air ship was constructed mainly of styrofoam, PVC pipes and metal brackets on the bottom to attach the wheels.
There's also a plywood board where Donut is sitting (he's there to test the weight capacity)
We used bicycle wheels and carved notches in the metal brackets to attach the quick releases.

Here we are planning for the head.

This was arguably the hardest part - figuring out how to make the pug head from boxy materials that we found around the office.
We spent many hours on this part, trying to set us up for the correct final shape.

Chicken wire and foam added to fill out the bulbous shape.

Paper mache was applied to give a continuous surface to the craft.
n order to have a place for our pilot to stand, we fastened a wooden stool in the centre of the plywood.

This was the ONLY place on the pug that could bear weight.

Styrofoam ball halves were used for the eyes.

The other half of the team worked on the air ship portion, painting and applying the cut out glittery AIR PUG lettering.

The nose was made with more styrofoam, paper mached with paper towels for that porous look, and painted black.


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