Aug 14, 2015

All aboard...Desperate migrants in Macedonia scramble through windows and squeeze into any space they can find on trains bound for Europe as thousands flee each day (20 Pics)

By on Friday, August 14, 2015

  • Men, women and children were photographed pushing and shoving to board trains in Gevgelija, Macedonia today
  • Desperate families were seen trying to force their way into sweltering carriages in order to reach western Europe 
  • With entrances blocked with people, some people were seen clambering through windows to get on board 
  • From Macedonia the migrants travel through Serbia and Hungary, then on to Germany, France and the UK 

  •  Won't get left behind: A desperate migrant tries to board a Serbia-bound train through a small open window before it pulls away

     Desperate: Fighting among themselves to board sweltering, standing room-only carriages at Gevgelija train station men, women and children who were too late to board through the train doors are instead forced to scramble through the windows

     Claustrophobic: Migrants clamber on to an already overcrowded train at Gevgelija train station in southern Macedonia

     Ready to board: Macedonia is facing an increasing pressure of migrants flow on its southern and northern borders with Greece and Serbia as thousands of migrants head north through the Balkans on their way to the more prosperous European Union countries

     Migrants run to board a train that would take them towards Serbia. There are far too many people waiting for train than are able to board

    Celebrate: Young men laugh and smile in relief at having been able to board the Serbia-bound train from southern Macedonia

     Migrants try to board a train towards Serbia at the railway station in Gevgelija. Many were unable to board the already packed carriages

     Bundle: Wherever they have come from, few migrants plan on staying in Macedonia for very long. Most hope to reach western Europe

     Migrants crowd a platform after failing to find a place on an overcrowded train heading to Serbia border at the train station in Gevgelija

     Exhausted: Migrants wait for trains that will continue their journey through Serbia and Hungary on to wealthier western European nations

     Families: The migrants were photographed at a train station in the Macedonian town of Gevgelija, on the Macedonian-Greek border

     An exhausted and frustrated migrant holds his head after he missed his chance to get a place on a train heading to the Serbian border

     New life: Migrant children play between the wheels of the wagoons while waiting for a train heading to the Serbian border

     Squalid: Tens of thousands of migrants, mainly from the Middle East and Africa, use the Balkans route to get into the European Union

     Migrants stand on the tracks while looking towards an arriving train at the railway station in the southern Macedonian town of Gevgelija

     Migrants stand aside as an express train to Serbia arrives at a railway station in the southern Macedonian town of Gevgelija

     The future: A baby sleeps on a woman's shoulder as other migrants board a train that would take them towards Serbia

     Eager: Scores of desperate migrants from the Middle East and North Africa were pictured walking aliong railway tracks in Macedonia

    Hope: A migrant man carries his child along railway tracks towards the Macedonian town of Gevgelija from where they hope to catch a train heading to the border with Serbia


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