Jul 9, 2015

You won’t believe who these gun control extremists are suing OR why

By on Thursday, July 09, 2015

Everyone knows gun control extremists are literally insane but this one seriously takes the cake.
Apparently a group in Chicago is blaming surrounding communities for the high homicide rate with firearms in their city.
From Fox News:
Two mothers who lost sons to gun violence joined ministers and an activist Tuesday in a lawsuit against three Chicago suburbs, alleging that weak oversight of gun shops has allowed criminals to easily obtain weapons flowing into a city besieged by gun violence.

The lawsuit accuses Lyons, Riverdale and Lincolnwood communities of violating the civil rights of residents in Chicago’s largely African American neighborhoods by failing to take concrete steps to make sure gun stores are not selling weapons to people who shouldn’t be allowed to carry them.
“Those illegal firearms are flowing into a pocket of communities violating the civil rights of the individuals who reside there, who are afraid to go near their windows or let their children play in the park, much less their own yards,” said Kathleen Sances, a member of the Coalition for Safe Chicago Communities, one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit.
Five individuals – including two ministers and two mothers whose children were victims of gun violence – joined the lawsuit that demands the communities to improve the oversight of the businesses and implement security measures the stores must implement.
From Bearing Arms:
To buy a gun in Illinois, one must first obtain a Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card, which is issued by the Illinois State Police only after federal and state background checks. FOID cards are only issued to Illinois residents who have a valid Illinois driver’s license or state-issued identification card. Those under the age of 18 who wish to apply for a FOID card must have a parent’s signature on the application, and the parent must be eligible for a FOID card as well. Once obtained, the FOID card is good for ten years, and enables FOID card carriers to  purchase, possess, and transport firearms and ammunition.
Citizens must have their FOID card to buy firearms or ammunition at gun stores in Lyons, Riverdale, and Lincolnwood, just as they do anywhere else in Illinois.
Illinois residents may not do so much as pick up a firearm in an Illinois gun store without first presenting an Illinois State Police-issued FOID card to the clerk. Residents with a valid FOID card above the age of 18 can purchase a rifle or shotgun after a 24 hour waiting period. Residents with a valid FOID card who are 21 or older may purchase a handgun, and have to wait 72 hours to take possession of it.

Each and every sale made by a Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder, the purchaser must complete ATF Form 4473, which collects personal identifying information about the prospective purchaser. Despite the constant lies of gun control supporters, FFLs must have a Form 4473 filled out of every gun they sell, without exception, wherever they sell firearms. It doesn’t matter if they sell a gun inside a retail gun store, from their homes, or at a gun show.
This is probably one of THE most ridiculous things I have ever seen gun control extremists try to pull.
Not only is it a huge waste of money for everyone involved but it’s not even a valid law suit.
Whatever judge gets this case should charge this people any money the towns or court wastes on even hearing this case.
These people clearly don’t understand the laws.
Of course, in typical leftist fashion, they don’t blame the violence on the people who are committing it.


  1. Oh makes all the sense in the world because WE all know criminals get their guns for a "GUN SHOP" what a bunch of absurd people! To many people today have no idea how to remove their heads from their as*es! YA'll need help!

  2. Hmmmm, Ok if the gun shops don't sell to black people because they are suspicious they will be called racist, gotcha. Now because black communities have a violence problem we will blame the gun shops, makes sense. How about we ban black people from and watch the shootings, murders, and violent crime plummet by 80%, but people keep telling me its a gun issue when the FBI stats clearly identify the problem because numbers don't lie, liberals do.

  3. Like blaming car accidents on car dealers...

  4. Indeed. It's time that we abandon the naive fantasy that all of the disparate groups of people can effectively function under one uniform set of laws. Blacks have demonstrated, quite clearly, that they don't deem themselves trustworthy and responsible enough, as a group of people, to have access to effective self defense weapons. White people on the other hand have by a wide margin decided that we trust ourselves to have access to modern firearms, that this isn't a fundamental liberty we'l ever relinquish, that we can possess them responsibly, and the statistics show this decision to be correct (the rates of misuse of whites relative to blacks is quite low.)

    This difference in ability to have unsupervised access to guns alone is sufficient reasons to self-segregate, so blacks can have their nanny state with no right to keep and bear arms, and whites can enjoy the common law rights that we've protected for ourselves here for over 200 years, and when you add to this the recent research that shows community cohesion and quality of life decrease the more diverse a community becomes (with virtually every measure of dropping,) not to mention the significant racial differences in measures as varied as IQ, child abuse rates, empathy, future orientation, impulse control, and more, it's clear that the government is absolutely out of line to prohibit racially restrictive land covenants (and the intentionally ethnically homogenous communities they allow.)

    Blacks don't have a 'right' to live next door to white people if those whites don't want them there and are willing to spend their money and time building a community that contractually constrains the racial makeup of its members.

  5. So much for love thy neighbor. It will certainly be a great way for the plaintiffs to stay on good terms with the community at large. There must have been a lawyer behind this idea. Time to BAR the BAR!

  6. The ignorance behind this is breathtaking....