Jul 27, 2015


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Face Cones Designed To Protect From Snow Storms And Blizzards (1939)
Face cover to protect from rain, snow etc.

Suspended Baby Cage

Anti-tire puncture brooms

One wheel motorcycle

Hubbard Electrometer to measure pain felt by fruit and vegetables

A brush that shines your scalp and brushes your hairy sides

Phone-Answering Robot

Baby suspender

Wooden bathing suits

Revolver camera (takes a photo when you fire the gun)

Pedestrian safety net

Rainy Day Cigarette Holder

Illuminated Tires

TV glasses

Dog Restrainer

Venetian Sunglasses

Amphibious bicycle

A ‘mew’ machine to scare off the mice

Glasses that let you read while lying down

The Family Bicycle (with sewing machine)

An experimental flying bicycle
Beauty Micrometer, 1934, analyzed facial flaws for Makeup
The Isolater, 1925
Bike tyre used as a swimming aid, invented by Italian M. Goventosa de Udine.

Stroller equipped with a radio, including antenna and loudspeaker, to keep the baby quiet, USA, 1921.

Massive automatic hair dryer

Tsar Nikolai’s II Car with skates, 1917

Clap skate – In 1936, inventor R. Handl came up with the movable heel plate, but it wasn’t until 1996 that this concept revolutionized skating.

Indoor skiing

Folding bridge for emergencies – The emergency bridge can easily be transported on a handcart, invented by L. Deth. The Netherlands, 1926

Faxed newspaper – In 1938, the world’s first wireless newspaper was sent from WOR radio station in New York City.  In this photo, children are reading the children’s page of a Missouri paper.

Bikes for your feet

Beating Breasts, 1963.  A pair of artificial breasts with a built-in heartbeat, an invention from  Japan intended as a sleeping aid for very young children.

The Cigarette Pack Holder created in 1955.

Russell E. Oakes, an amateur American inventor, wearing his problem-solving inventions, which include spikes around his arms which enabled him to weave through busy department stores and a wind-up spaghetti eater, circa 1955.
Ice Cube Mask Designed To Cure Hangovers (1947)
Baby Stroller Protected From Gas Attacks (1938)
Special Contraption That Lets You Smoke In The Rain (1931)


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