Jul 14, 2015

Thousands of Americans Exposed to Government Bio-weapons Tests

By on Tuesday, July 14, 2015

 It’s like something out of a cheap science fiction movie – secret government tests on innocent populations.  It’s certainly the stuff of conspiracy theories.  But, the shocking reality is that it is true – the U.S. government exposed thousands of U.S. citizens to bio-weapons tests done on a large scale.
Zero Hedge has the story:
It all began in late September of 1950, when over a few days, a Navy vessel used giant hoses to spray a fog of two kinds of bacteria, Serratia marcescens and Bacillus globigii — both believed at the time to be harmless — out into the fog, where they disappeared and spread over the city.

The unsuspecting residents of San Francisco certainly could not consent to the military’s germ warfare test, and there’s good evidence that it could have caused the death of at least one resident of the city, Edward Nevin, and hospitalized 10 others.
Over the next 20 years, the military would conduct 239 “germ warfare” tests over populated areas, according to news reports from the 1970s.
These tests included the large-scale releases of bacteria in the New York City subway system, on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and in National Airport just outside Washington, D.C.
One fact many may not know about San Francisco’s fog is that in 1950, the US military conducted a test to see whether it could be used to help spread a biological weapon in a “simulated germ warfare attack.” This was just the start of many such tests around the country that would go on in secret for years.
The test was a success, as Rebecca Kreston explains over at Discover Magazine, and also “one of the largest human experiments in history.” But as she writes, it was also “one of the largest offenses of the Nuremberg Code since its inception.” The code stipulates that “voluntary, informed consent” is required for research participants, and that experiments that might lead to death or disabling injury are unacceptable.
This is unbelievable!  Thousands of people in different parts of the U.S. were exposed to bacteria in order for the government to study effectiveness and dispersal patterns for possible use as biological weapons.

Zero Hedge continues the story:
In a 1994 congressional testimony, Cole said that none of this had been revealed to the public until a 1976 newspaper story revealed the story of a few of the first experiments — though at least a Senate subcommittee had heard testimony about experiments in New York City in 1975, according to a 1995 Newsday report.
In 1950, the first Edward Nevin had been recovering from a prostate surgery when he suddenly fell ill with a severe urinary tract infection containing Serratia marcescens, that theoretically harmless bacteria that’s known for turning bread red in color. The bacteria had reportedly never been found in the hospital before and was rare in the Bay Area (and in California in general).
The bacteria spread to Nevin’s heart and he died a few weeks later.
Now here’s where it gets downright terrifying. The government claims it is immune from deaths related to any secret government tests on the public. Freedom.
Nevin’s grandson tried to sue the government for wrongful death, but the court held that the government was immune to a lawsuit for negligence and that they were justified in conducting tests without subjects’ knowledge.
According to the Wall Street Journal, the Army stated that infections must have occurred inside the hospital and the US Attorney argued that they had to conduct tests in a populated area to see how a biological agent would affect that area.
This may be an old story that is just now coming to light again, but there is an even more frightening possibility to consider.  Zero Hedge discusses the current threat:
Take a step back and imagine if you were alive in 1950. Five years after the Allies’ glorious victory in World War II, and someone told you the U.S. government was conducting bioweapon experiments on the American public in secret. Not only would you not believe it, you’d think this person was a complete and total lunatic. Now try to imagine what they are undoubtably doing right now.

Can you even begin to imagine what it is willing to do in 2015 with the current crop of mindbogglingly unethical, corrupt politicians in power?
Remember, committed socialists care nothing for individuals and individual rights.  After all, our nation is now being exposed to possibly the most toxic experiment to our nation’s health of all – Obamacare!


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