Jul 14, 2015

There Is Another Symbol That Liberals Are Starting To Attack For Its Racial Past

By on Tuesday, July 14, 2015

 Liberals are quick to cry out racism when they see something they want to make a fuss over.
The Confederate flag has been the topic of debate for the past month. The left, who are the real racists, have succeeded in getting South Carolina to succumb to removing the Confederate battle flag, Tennessee to dig up the bones of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife and a city in Alabama to remove a confederate monument.
Now they are turning to their attention to that they have declared another representative of slavery — the Fleur de Lis.
The New Orleans flag was originally used by French monarchies dating back to the 13th century, and now it is being attacked for what it was used for eight centuries ago.
From WWL-TV:
The fleur de lis is a symbol that is deeply ingrained in Louisiana’s history. Seen in architecture, the state flag and on the helmets of the Saints, it’s everywhere.
But while it is now seen as the mark of our great state, it was once used to mark slaves.
“Code noir, those words are French and mean black code,” said slave historian Dr. Ibrahima Seck.
The black code was a set of regulations adopted in Louisiana in 1724 from other French colonies around the world, meant to govern the state’s slave population. Seck said those rules included branding slaves with the fleur de lis as punishment for running away.
It is all so ridiculous because it receives its power through the interpretation applied to it. Once the interpretation replaces the original meaning, the symbol takes on a new meaning, which can become opposite of its original intent.
The slave historian says the symbol makes him sad, but he and a history professor add that it shouldn’t be abolished.
Tulane history professor Terence Fitzmorris said the fleur de lis has roots in the French revolution and, similar to other symbols, was used as a mark of supremacy.
“It was a brutal way of scarring someone and also identifying someone as a particular troublemaker,” Fitzmorris said.
Knowing the symbol has that dark history, should it be compared to the likes of the confederate flag?
Fitzmorris said no.
“The fleur de lis was the symbol of a monarchy. The United States of America was a slave-holding republic, not just the south. Where do you stop? Do you get rid of all symbols?
Seck agrees, saying that the symbol has been embraced by the city as one of unity.
As The Daily Caller reminds individuals, “the symbol is also used currently in the coat of arms for the King of Spain.”
While these two do not think the symbol should be removed, plenty will. Anything and everything is up for grabs for removal from history if someone, anyone, or any group finds it offensive.
Americans are acting like ISIS, who goes around destroying historical, ancient and archaeological sites because it is “offensive” to Islam.
Offense can be found in anything if we look hard enough for it or choose to keep ourselves looking at the past. Anything can become a touchy subject if we let the ones who get offended win.


  1. disqus_q0fJBDaGHmJuly 14, 2015 at 11:40 AM

    I'm tired of seeing that sleazeball dick, Schumer, everywhere.

  2. You first..... if you want to tell Quebecers to dump their flag. This is the official flag of the province. Did I mention that there are so many Quebecers in the Canadian military, some Americans think it's the French military?

  3. Not too sure where you read anything about Quebec in this article as it just seems to be about those nut jobs down south.

    I highly doubt crap like this would even get a start up here and if it did it would be stomped out quickly.

    Bonne journée!

  4. What about that symbol's popularity with everything connected to the crown of France since the dark ages. (fleur de lis appear all over the various royal decorations, flags, coats of arms etc.) does that make being "French" racist?
    Is my Irish clan coat of arms racist because it features 3 ravens ( which could be 'creatively mistaken' for crows)???
    How far does this nonsense go?
    let's cut to the chase-being white is "racist", I didn't want to believe the creepy skinheads, & klansmen about this, but the disturbing thing is, it is looking more & more like they were right, & I can only try to naively hope that what invariably & logically follows won't happen....
    We humans are a nasty self destructive evolutionary dead end....

  5. Dude, did you not see the part about the Fleur De Lis? If it's racist in Louisiana, it's racist in Quebec. Obviously it isn't racist in either place. So you see, it's the Fleur De Lis that I found myself relating to Quebec. Je suis Canadien depuis 1954.

  6. slaves were branded w/any number of symbols through the ages slavery was practiced worldwide, until stopped by Whites of European extraction..........according to this author's illogic, i guess that means the outlaw any form of symbolic representation as it seems to cause anaphylactic shock in ignorant ferals and liberals.

    as to the cultural appropriation of the English language by both groups, I demand they stop using English, written or spoken, and all White technologies of our modern world :) this effectively leaves them, where they wish to be, in the dirt, in the dark, and hungry :D

  7. "The Liberals" and "the left" took down the Confederate flag, huh?
    SC House votes for taking down flag: 48 Republican, 46 Democrat
    SC Senate votes for taking down flag: 20 Republican, 16 Democrat
    Republican governor Nikki Haley doesn't veto it, instead signs it into law.
    REPUBLICANS literally and factually took down the Confederate flag in SC.

  8. Gosh, what's the origin of the word slave?

  9. Guillotine_readyJuly 14, 2015 at 6:20 PM

    Liberals may no longer wear white clothing. The words white people, whites, or anything to do with white may no longer pass their filthy lips.

  10. I'm offended by all of it. the world is a toxic offensive wastehole.... on the internets... its quite beautiful outside though...

  11. Anyone who has problems with symbols associated with the Confederate States Of America, and what it stood for, should do some independent research to find out what the War Of Northern Aggression was really about. (hint: it wasn't about slavery) I'm proud of ancestors on both sides of my family who fought and died while defending their homes and families from invading Yankee hoards who came south for the purpose of subduing and looting the Southern people. My Confederate Battle Flag is flying and it ain't coming down. "The people of the North and South entered the War as sovereign citizens of their respective States, but they left the War as subjects of a central government, and what they lost, they never got back." H.L. Mencken
    So tell me: How do you like serving as a subject of the most corrupt, war-mongering government on the face of the earth?

  12. Friends, enemies, frenemies. They all carry symbols.
    It's better to talk with enemies than to fight with them.

  13. Think you missed my point as we both seem to be in agreement on it not being racist anywhere. I was just pointing out that the article did not mention Quebec as I am positive crap like this won't fly up here. :)