Jul 29, 2015

The Marine Corps Told Him Take Off His Uniform, So He Wrote This!

By on Wednesday, July 29, 2015

 On July 17, the Marine Corps responded to the Islamic terrorist attack in Chattanooga, Tenn., by ordering military recruiters to refrain from wearing their uniforms at work. Apparently, the Marine Corps believed that our upstanding soldiers should hide in fear like cowards.
This did not sit well with John McCall, a Marine motor transportation officer who according to Freedom Outpostimmediately took to Facebook to slam his superiors.
“You have suggested we Marines NOT wear our uniforms to recruiting stations for ‘our own protection,'” the incensed Marine began.
“Let me make myself clear. If I’m not going to hide in Afghanistan during a war, why in the hell would I EVER hide in my own country?”
He added that “(t)he day us Marines run and hide from our enemies will be the day this country falls.”
McCall was exactly right. The idea that our soldiers should hide behind civilian clothes is simply sickening, though not all that surprising coming from Obama’s “Jade Helm” military.
I guess it’s Obama’s goal to “fundamentally transform” us from a stalwart nation that takes no junk to a weak and cowardly one that hides in the corner like a frightened puppy (H/T Conservative News Today).
Well, sorry to break it to you, bub, but America did not become this great by following the likes of Neville Chamberlain wannabes like you!


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