Jul 6, 2015


By on Monday, July 06, 2015

The KKK wants your children to attend their upcoming labor day cross burning. There will be loads of youth centered activities, and awards to mask the hatred. Adults harboring unequivocal amounts of indecency towards anyone of a different race is childish, so why not target children. They announce this in a bold statement as you can see in this caption from their site here.
 You don’t have to try to make Klan members and Konfederates look Krazy. God help us all from the inevitable bi-racial gay couple apocalypse! Forget school, we all know children’s impressionable minds were made for hate mongering and indoctrination of bigotry while eating ice cream Sundays.
 Accommodations for children, including a nursery for infants and toddlers, will be available. If elicit amounts of bigotry and hatred weren’t enough for outrage, maybe recruiting children is.
Clearly the hatred behind KK-Kross burning ceremonies,  is easily masked behind bonfires and ice cream “Sunday” bars. And just how far will these pond dwelling scumbags go? Well if hot dog roasts and sing-alongs aren’t enough to strike your fancy:
 awards for winning the negro truck drag along, or lynch a darkie competitions are available. (Not really, or at least not publicly, but you get the picture.)  Sadly, the same groups that sponsor racism, are the ones cooking marshmallow s’mores on the bonfire for our children. You can even dress your children up in the latest KKK apparel.

There is literally no limit to just how far these confederate flag waving scum bags will go. They join the ranks with Big Tobacco in this announcement, marketing to our children now. So grab your noose, put on your “Heritage not Hate” t-shirt, and take your children to the Labor Day Cross Burning!


  1. The attack on Donald Trump is not about Trump himself, but because he is putting public attention on an issues nobody wants to have to deal with for next year's election; illegal immigration!

  2. This article basically says that we should just have two democratic parties because there is NO DIFFERENCE between most republicans and the democrat partners in crime. Trump is TELLING THE TRUTH about the threat of latino colonization (its not "immigration" if they don't assimilate!) and that is the ONLY thing that makes him standout from the other establishment-selected "candidates."

  3. Illegal immigration? That's like calling the Bubonic Plague a skin infection.

    It's massive, destructive, contrived importation of the least educated and least educable, with the intent to destroy the fabric of American society and its culture. The end game is a fractured society that can no longer mobilize to demand their freedoms back from the tyrannical psychopaths that are now the ruling class.

    If you allow this to continue unabated, then Sam Adams had some advice for you "Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you..."

  4. Math & PhysicsJuly 6, 2015 at 11:48 AM

    The further society drifts from the truth, the more they will hate those who speak it ~ G. Orwell

  5. When did Crack Two turn political? Stick to pictures and unusual stories. The last thing the world needs is another political site.

  6. "But notice something: a genuine, non-politician outsider has never won the
    presidency. Never happens."

    Yes it rarely does but it did in 1960. The establishment assumed JFK could be handled because his father was one of them.

    They figured wrong. JFK thought he was the President and was taking steps to get rid of the rot and corruption in DC. JFK thought he represented the People of the USA; he did not realize the CIA, the Military Industrial Complex, Big Oil and all the rest of those who suck the tax tit dry figured they had the POWER to remove any threat to their power.

    So they removed JFK. Murder a sitting President? NO problem.