Jul 11, 2015

Something Very Creepy Is Happening to This Deserted Chinese Fishing Village (18 Pics)

By on Saturday, July 11, 2015

Human life has long since departed here, as have all signs of industry. In fact, in this eerily quiet abandoned village, nothing moves unless the wind blows it. As a result, greenery has spread totally undisturbed across rooftops and pathways, even reclaiming the empty houses once filled by families here. Indeed, the vegetation is so thick in some places that open windows are often the only signs that buildings still stand underneath at all.
These mesmerizingly creepy but oddly beautiful images of a Chinese former fishing village were captured by photographer Jane Qing. And, when they were shared online in June 2015 it was suggested that this is how even our urban centers might eventually look if humans became extinct.

Despite their potentially ominous implications for mankind, the images are undeniably wonderful – seamlessly blending architecture and nature. But they still beg an important question: how could such overgrowth happen in the 21st century without anybody taming it?

And it’s not as if the area seen in these incredible shots is even that remote. Located on Gouqi Island – one of roughly 400 landmasses that make up the Zhoushan Archipelago – the abandoned village is only a few miles from Shanghai, China.

In fact, the islands closest to the mainland part of Zhejiang Province, like Gouqi, are situated where the Yangzte River flows into the East China Sea – a popular destination for sightseers.

And Gouqi Island itself is far from deserted – incredibly verdant village aside, it’s also home to many residents and a clutch of amenities.


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