Jul 15, 2015

School Flier Tells Parents THIS Will Happen If They’re Late Picking Up Their Kids

By on Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It’s the middle of July, which means back-to-school is right around the corner.
One Oregon school district intended to get a head start on preparations this year by sending out what they thought was a friendly and informative flier.
Instead, the backlash they’ve already received from parents was fierce and instantaneous.

From IJ Review:
If you’re a parent, you’ll probably be receiving some type of “back-to-school preparations” letter or email soon (if you haven’t already). But one mother in Oregon was taken aback by what she was told by her child’s elementary school.
Parent Chelsea Eichenauer of Salem posted this letter she received from Swegle Elementary School to Facebook:
The highlighted portion of the letter reads:

“Children must be picked up on time. If they are not picked up on time, we will call DHS and you will then have to pick them up at court the next day.”
DHS refers to the Department of Human Services in Oregon. …
A school district spokesperson said that the letter was sent “in error” because it was written by an “office level employee” and had not been reviewed by the school’s principal. …
The Oregon school district said that the actions described in the letter would not be taken, even under the most extreme circumstances.


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