Jul 15, 2015

Saudi Cartoon PERFECTLY Explains Obama’s Iran Deal

By on Wednesday, July 15, 2015

RWN reports on six major lies Obama has told us about his Iran deal:
1. “A comprehensive long-term deal with Iran that will prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”
The concluded deal does not prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon in the future. The deal imposes temporary restrictions on Iran’s illegal nuclear program.
After their expiration, Iran will have better resources to pursue more advanced nuclear technologies and potentially build a nuclear weapon faster than would be the case had sanctions remained in place.
The deal also allows Iran to obtain currently restricted materials to advance its ballistic missile program.

2. “Every pathway to a nuclear weapon is cut off.”
Iran is permitted to retain its enrichment infrastructure, including advanced centrifuges. The administration’s concession on uranium enrichment is a serious blow to a decade old principle of U.S. nonproliferation policy.
The United States worked very hard in the past to prevent allies from developing indigenous uranium enrichment capability because technologies for uranium enrichment and weapons grade enrichment are the same.
Yet Iran, which developed this capability in defiance of its existing international obligations, is being rewarded for its bad behavior by lifting sanctions on its country, including sanctions concerning shipping, arms sales, transportation, banking and precious metal trade.
3. “The deal is in line with a tradition of American leadership.”
In reality, the deal undermines U.S. nonproliferation policy in the Middle East and in the world. The United States has demanded that other countries in the Middle East not pursue enrichment efforts.
While allies obliged, adversarial Iran is getting a deal that legitimizes its illegal uranium enrichment program.
Allies will demand the Iranian deal for themselves and the United States has given up any legitimacy it had in demanding otherwise. Saudi Arabia has already stated it will pursue a similar nuclear program. Others are likely to follow creating a less stable environment in already tense Middle East.
4. “America negotiated from a position of strength and principle.”
Time and again Obama conceded on key principles that would improve a chance that the United States is getting a deal beneficial to its national security interest. From a deal that stops Iran’s nuclear weapon pursuits to a deal that delays them at best (and speeds them up at worst). From a deal that allows anytime anywhere inspections given Iran’s past deception, to more restricted inspections that cannot interfere with Iran’s national security and military activities. Iran is not permitted under the Nonproliferation Treaty to pursue a nuclear program with military applications.
5. “The same options that are available to me today will be available to any U.S. president in the future.”
Obama is in a better position to negotiate Iran’s nuclear deal because of congressional and international sanctions that Obama is promising to dismantle. Any future president will have to deal with consequences of Obama’s concessions on all aspects of Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile program.
Future U.S. presidents will have to deal with Iran that has hundreds of billion dollars more resources to pursue its nuclear program, access to modern technologies, and has been able to maintain nuclear know-how and infrastructure, both nuclear and ballistic missile, to threaten U.S. interests on an unprecedented scale.
6. “Consider what happens in a world without this deal. Without this deal, there is no scenario where the world joins us in sanctioning Iran until it completely dismantles its nuclear program.”

The world has already joined the United States in sanctions. An alternative to a no-deal is to continue them. After all, sanctions are the only reason why Iran negotiated to begin with.
A continuation of sanctions is a sound alternative to a bad deal that the Obama administration has negotiated.
Continuing sanctions will limit Iran’s ability to fund terrorism across the Middle East, access to advanced technologies and rare materials that will allow Iran to further improve its nuclear and ballistic missile program, and the pressure of sanctions would give the United States more time to negotiate a better deal.


  1. A Voice in the WildernessJuly 15, 2015 at 11:32 AM

    If we get rid of the flag we will have peace on earth and goodwill towards all men.

  2. You do realize that gen. Robert E. Lee freed the slaves he owned before accepting command of the confederate army.gen.drunk ass grant kept his slaves well after the war was over.the war was not fought over slavery.the north wanted the south to pay way more than their fair share of taxes.that was the same reason the revolutionary war was fought over.the flag represented the 75% of the Scottish population of the the united states in that time.the SAINT ANDREWS CROSS the true symbol of Christianity. This is an attack of the jewish owned government of the united states on Christianity.

  3. Oh yes, because everybody on the planet is as stupid and shallow as you are.

  4. People need to understand that pretty soon in the un-united states life will become so difficult they will ask for death to put them out of their misery. The elites want america as their paradise.japan, china, russia and most of the middle east are toxic waste dumps.Africa is rare earth mineral rich.the congo alone has 54trillion in these minerals.That's the reason for all the ebola.win will people wake up.transhumanism is the future.they no longer need this many people on earth.

  5. A Voice in the WildernessJuly 15, 2015 at 12:10 PM

    Come on Bill the eighth, I would think you were smarter than that. Don't you recognize sarcasm when you read it?

  6. Sorry, Voice, the sarcasm hit me right after I hit "Post". You really need to use the /sarc as I am reading more and more posts that should be sarcasm and they are not. Hence my confusion. . .

  7. You are a delusional buffoon, you already drank the kool aid, you are an ignorant piece of crap, spewing all your absurd BS!
    THAT flag was NOT even the official confederate flag, apparently you did not know this, nor apparently do you know that that flag was used in the civil rights movement and even by MLK........just admit how stupid you are now! Maybe if we get rid of all the ignorant people such as yourself we could have good will for all..................................

  8. I know right. Along with getting rid of guns, religion, anything non-gov or anything else that people can use to unite under or use in defense of themselves to fight the oncoming NWO. Just can't wait for the NWO as that is the only chance we have with regards to moving forward as a race. And yes, I did catch the sarcasm just had to add to it. :)

  9. I'm a liberal through and through and I think this whole thing is BS. How may people have held the us flag before killing someone, but you don't hear anything about banning it. This is just a distraction from the tanking economy, the illegal wars and occupations, and the banking cartel trying to start more wars. And notice most of the outrage is from the youth that don't have a clue about the Confederacy or that the stars and bars is not the official flag.

  10. So, back in the day, successful black tribes in Africa captured, enslaved and sold non-successful blacks to the Arabs and the Dutch, who distributed and resold them around the world. In 1860, with a US population of 27 million, only 1.7% of the entire population were "slave owners". Of those, 2.4% lived in the South.

    It wasn't about the slavery of blacks; it was about the Morill Tax Act of 1860 that raise the tariff on Southern Goods from 20% to 47%, an Act supported by Lincoln. Consider what a dollar was worth then and how POed YOU would be at seeing almost half of your profits disappear so that NORTHERN manufacturies could acquire your goods at 53% of the actual value.

  11. A Voice in the WildernessJuly 16, 2015 at 9:04 PM

    I even used the Christmas quote. It's ok though, I understand the outrage. I'm about ready to blow.

  12. A Voice in the WildernessJuly 16, 2015 at 9:05 PM

    You sound more like a Libertarian.

  13. A Voice in the WildernessJuly 16, 2015 at 9:06 PM

    I have been asking for the fire to come down and destroy us all.

  14. The concept of being Liberal was grossly distorted by the psychopaths in Washington and Wall Street. A True Liberal believe in live and let live. The corrupt government has turned America into a tyrannical police state. Run by fascists. They have twisted what Liberal really means.

  15. I know, it is eery day with these morons. I don't know how much more I can take. I feel like I am living the movie Idiocracy!