Jul 21, 2015

New Meme Proves Obama Is Wrong About Terrorism

By on Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Kinda of puts things into perspective doesn’t it?
Mr. President, terrorism isn’t about poverty – it’s about power and control.
It’s pretty sad when regular Americans get angrier over terrorism on U.S. soil than Obama.
Obama seems to have his head stuck on being angry about thug criminals who fit the description of what his son would look like rather than military men who are murdered.
Time and time again we have seen the demoralization of our military by the Obama Administration. It’s intentional.

An anchor from an alternative news site have a few choice words for Obama and how the U.S. should be handling radical Islamists in the country.
Fortunately, not everyone is weak-minded and desperate to pander to delicate Muslims, as is evidenced by this tough-as-nails, brutally honest, and simply freaking amazing monologue delivered by Tomi Lahren, who completely wrecks Obama’s world on the issue of radical Islam in two minutes.


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