Jul 8, 2015

Liberal Hypocrisy on Violence and Racism Brilliantly Exposed

By on Wednesday, July 08, 2015

After all the MSNBC rhetoric about the genocide of white supremacy has been vomited up, the ugly fact remains that the mass murder of young black men is being carried out by other black men. The only thing that prevents the gang violence from escalating to truly genocidal proportions is the police officer.
In 2013, 2,245 black people were killed by other black people. Only 189 were killed by whites. In 2012, 2,412 black people were killed by other black people. That’s tens of thousands dead over a decade.

There have been genocides with lower death tolls.
Now imagine if there were no police to get in the way. It’s not hard. Detroit’s police force has been mostly wrecked. The police often don’t respond to calls. Citizens have been told to use guns to protect themselves. Detroit tops the big city murder rate with 45 murders per 100,000 people.
If black lives really mattered, then we would be having a conversation about black violence. Instead we’re sitting through yet another violently cynical attempt to blame it on white supremacy in a city run by black people. Black lives still don’t matter, but hating white people is always on the menu.
The advocates for #BlackLivesMatter might want to talk to Vincent “Vito” Smothers, a black Detroit honors student who had killed a dozen black people by his twenties.
“When you grow up in the hood, you learn: if you sell drugs, you’re going to end up one of two things—in jail or dead,” he told an interviewer. “Those are the results of that life.” [..]
For black lives to start really mattering, black violence has to matter.

Townhall has more:
I hear plenty of excuses from black America. I hear they feel powerless. Really? With a black president, the first black Attorney General, another black Attorney General, black Mayor of Baltimore, black city council, black police chief and a majority-minority Baltimore police force? All that and you still feel powerless? Trillions spent on welfare, food stamps, free healthcare and hundreds of other entitlement programs…and you still feel powerless? What exactly would it take to stop the pattern of violence, poverty, excuses and blame?
How has having the first black president helped black America? With black unemployment double that of whites, who is to blame?
And one more thought for CNN’s Sally Kohn and liberals like her…
What has 50 years of black rule, liberal welfare and entitlement policies, excuses and blame towards white people done for black Americans in inner cities like Baltimore and Detroit? Where’s the progress in those cities under 100% Democrat politicians and policies?
The sighting of a white Republican on the streets of cities like Detroit and Baltimore is just a rumor. There were no white faces or Republicans among local Baltimore officials at the podium yesterday- just a black mayor, black city council members, black police chief and black local community leaders and clergy. 100% black leadership. Yet urban inner cities like Baltimore and Detroit are in ruins.

It’s time to take personal responsibility. Slavery was a long, long, long time ago. My Jewish relatives were enslaved by Hitler and the Nazis much more recently than your ancestors were enslaved by the South. It’s time to move on.
It’s time to fight for jobs, not welfare. It’s time to look within yourselves. It’s time to stop blaming others. It’s time to blame black fathers. It’s time to blame black leaders. It’s time to blame a black president. It’s time to ask what the Democratic Party has ever done for you except insure you’re helpless, hopeless and dependent on government to survive. It’s time to blame the war on poverty.
Yes, “Black Lives Matter.”
But it’s time to admit that “Black Violence Matters” too.


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