Jul 9, 2015

Liberal Hypocrisy on the Death Penalty PERFECTLY Illustrated

By on Thursday, July 09, 2015

Last Resistance reports:
One of the most absurd liberal beliefs is one concerning capital punishment.
This is an argument I have heard dozens of times from some of my most ardently leftist friends: “If Republicans care so much about life, why are they pro capital punishment?

If Republicans believe that abortion is murder, how can they justify the death penalty?”
After making this brilliant observation, they usually sit back in their chair, cross their arms, and smugly await a befuddled response.
They seem to expect me to start stuttering, and crying, unable to answer their genius inquiry. It is indeed a question that blows my mind, not because of its brilliance, but because of its utter stupidity.
There are two parts to my answer.
First, while a child in the womb has done nothing wrong, aside from being conceived (which to some, is a crime worthy of execution), someone awaiting execution on death row is guilty of intentionally taking a life—often in a heinous manner.
Once someone makes the conscious decision to end another human life for purposes other than self-defense, they have given up their right to their own life.
Second, if you ever come across a liberal who asks you this insanely stupid question, ask them the following question: “How can you be against the death penalty, but pro-choice?”
A simple reversal of the question clarifies the absurdity of the argument.

Generally speaking, any leftist who disagrees with capital punishment will be pro-choice.
By reversing the question, you can show them their own hypocrisy. While conservatives are against the murder of innocents, but in favor of the execution of convicted killers, liberals are in favor of the murder of innocents, and against the execution of convicted killers.
Doesn’t sound too good, does it?


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